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Mark Cuban is a notably successful investor known, in part, from his participation on the hit ABC show, Shark Tank. If you want to contact him with a business pitch or question related to investing, email is your best bet. For shorter comments and inquiries, try going through his social media accounts.



  1. Use one of Mark Cuban's public email addresses. Cuban's personal email addresses are kept fairly private, so it can be difficult to track these down unless you have an inside source. Thankfully, he does have a couple of email addresses that are known publicly, and you can still use one of these to contact him with your ideas and questions.
    • The first email address you should try is: (note 1/11/2015 - this email no longer exists)
    • Cuban is also the chairman, CEO, and president of AXS TV. You can use his company email address to get in touch with him:[1]
    • As owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Cuban has an email address associated with the team, as well:[2]
    • Supposedly, Cuban's investment email address is an open secret within the tech community, but that email address is difficult to find for those outside of the community. If you have a tech product and contacts within that community, though, you might be able to ask around and eventually stumble across it.
  2. Provide a direct subject line. Before you get to work on the body of the email, you need to make sure that your message has an informative subject line that will let Mark Cuban know what your email is about before he even opens it.
    • Try to keep your subject to 20 characters or less. This character count makes it easy to see the full subject if the email is checked via a smart phone.
    • An option worth considering would be to quickly summarize the type of business you are trying to promote. For example, "Social App Start-Up."
  3. Structure the body of the email formally. The tone and structure of your email should be polite, respectful, and professional.
    • Address him as “Mr. Cuban.”
    • Use proper English. Stay away from Internet abbreviations: “u” instead of “you,” “r” instead of “are,” and so on.
    • Your email should have a greeting, followed by a well-structured body, a business-appropriate closing, and your name and contact information.
  4. Explain your business.[3] In a few lines, explain what it is that your company does, what you hope to do with it in the future, and why you are doing what you are doing with it.
    • Your company should have a name and a product. Having nothing more than an idea probably won't get you very far. Instead, you should wait until you have made as much progress as you can with it on your own before sending an email to Cuban.
  5. Let him know how you are or hope to build it.[4] Tell Mark Cuban what you are presently doing to build your business and what successes you have already had with it.
    • Describe products that you have already put out, promotions you have already engaged in, awards you may have won, prominent people in the industry you have hired or contracted, and other similar information. The more impressive you can make your current progress sound, the more promising your odds of success will seem to him.
  6. Show some value.[5] Wrap up the pitch by offering a glimpse of your revenue projections. The idea is to show Cuban what value your business could bring to him, as well as what value you, as an entrepreneur, also have to offer.
    • Explain how your business or product fits the profile of the type of company Cuban usually invests in. Also describe what your company can offer that others are unable to offer.
  7. Be creative and confident. As you pitch your business, you need to be creative enough to catch Cuban's attention and confident enough to make him believe in you. If you show a lack of confidence in yourself, he will likely lack confidence in you, as well.
  8. Keep it brief. Cuban is a busy individual who receives a large quantity of emails per day. If you send him a long email right from the start, he might skip over it. Giving him a short email packed with only vital information is far better option.
    • If he likes your idea, he will reply asking for additional detail. Provide that detail after he asks for it, not before.
  9. Give it a day or two. People who have successfully heard back from Cuban typically say that the investor replies within 24 hours, so if he will respond to your email, you will probably get that response within a day or two.

Social Media

  1. Send him a message on Facebook.[6] You can send Cuban a private message via Facebook without even becoming a fan of his page. Alternatively, you can also “like” his page and leave him a comment directly on his timeline.
    • Check out Mark Cuban's Facebook page at:
    • If you decide to use Facebook as an alternative to email, you would be better off sending him a private message instead of posting a public comment. Private messages are better for lengthier remarks, including idea pitches, while public comments are more suited to general remarks or quick fan mail.
  2. Talk to him on Google Plus. If you have a Google Plus account, you can add Mark Cuban to your circles and direct posts at him through that.
    • Go directly to his Google Plus page by navigating to:
    • You can add Cuban to your circles, but do not expect his to add you in return. As of early January 2014, he appeared in 1,376,657 other circles but only had 156 people in his own circles.
    • Contacting him through Google Plus is a good option if you only have fan comments or other types of quick fan mail, but it is less practical if you hope to pitch an idea to him or enlist his help as an investor.
  3. Tweet Cuban. He also has a regularly updated Twitter account, so if you want to send him a quick note, you can do so by directing your tweet to @mcuban.
    • Visit his Twitter page at:
    • Use this as an option for short comments and questions.
    • In addition to tweeting Cuban, you can also follow him to receive updates on his activity. Note, of course, that he probably won't follow you in return. As of early January 2014, he had 1,981,654 followers but only followed 963 people.
  4. Comment on his Pinterest page. While Cuban's Pinterest page does not receive a whole lot of love, it does get updated occasionally, and you can send him comments related to his pins as long as you have a Pinterest account of your own.
    • Find his Pinterest page at:
    • Cuban's pins generally relate to his current companies.
    • In addition to commenting on one of his pins, you can also make a pin advertising your own company and send that pin to Cuban through the website. Include a quick description of it in your comments as you send it so that it will have a better chance of grabbing his attention.
  5. Leave a comment on his blog. Mark Cuban frequently updates his professional blog, which is full of his thoughts and bits of advice. Read through the posts and determine if you have any comments to say in response to any of them. If so, you can leave a comment on any individual entry.


  1. Email the casting team or apply online. If your attempts to contact Mark Cuban through other means have not offered any success, you can do what many hopeful investors do and audition for Shark Tank. One of the easiest ways to apply for the show is to send an email pitching your idea to the casting team or to submit an online application through the Shark Tank website.
    • Send your email to:
    • Apply online with an application and submission video by going to:
    • When you apply through electronically, you need to provide information about yourself, including your name, age, contact information, and a recent photograph.
    • You also need to include information about your business or product. Pitch the dream, rather than the figures, so that the casting directors can really pick up on your passion. Also include a bit of brief background information about this history of your product or business, as well as an outline of how you plan to make your business thrive.
  2. Attend a live casting call. While Cuban may not appear at every live casting call, he does show up to some, and you might have a chance to talk to him directly if you go to one. Make sure that you come prepared, though, so that you can leave a good impression on him.

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