Convert BMP to JPEG Using Microsoft Paint

BMP (bitmap) files should be converted to another format when you wish to share them with others, either via web publishing or email. A 500kb BMP file can often easily be compressed down to as little as 15kb if you simply convert it to a jpeg/jpg.


  1. Open MS Paint. You probably already have it installed if you are on a PC.
  2. Open the image you wish to convert. Make sure it is a bmp.
  3. Select "Save As" from the Edit menu.
  4. When the dialog box opens, there will be a drop-down menu with a choice of file extensions. Simply choose JPEG, and press enter.
  5. You are finished! Feel free to share your newly converted image.


  • The Beauty about JPEG/JPG compression is the ability to compress image quality and size down to the bare minimum, thereby giving you the highest possible image quality while utilizing the lowest amount of bandwidth possible.
  • If you cannot find MS Paint, you will find it on most computers by clicking on START > ACCESSORIES > MS PAINT.
  • For more information, there are a large number of in-depth tutorials with screenshots on the site:
  • Other programs such as "The Gimp", a free (Open Source) program you can download from has much more flexibility in this regard and lets you choose the level of compression/quality/size in kb.
  • MS Paint is not always the best program to use, as it does not allow any flexibility for image compression. You can only change the file extension, thereby converting it in the simplest way.


  • JPGs cannot be animated.
  • JPG does not support transparency. GIF or PNG does.
  • Converting a copyrighted image into another format does not create a newly copyrighted image. Be aware of copyright and intellectual property rights and do not steal the work of others!

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