Create Custom Paintbrushes in MS Paint

Do you like paint, but wish you could do more with it? Well read this article and you will be able to make your very own paintbrushes, out of almost anything!


  1. Create an image or design that you would like to paint with. This can be anything--a star, a squiggly line, a scribble, etc.

  2. Click on the select button located on the top right of the toolbar.

  3. Surround it with the cursor.

  4. You also need to un-select Draw Opaque in the Image menu. So that there is continuity in the drawing. Just make sure there is no check mark next to the Draw Opaque in the Image menu.
  5. Hold down the shift key while you drag the image as you would with a regular paintbrush.
  6. Have fun painting!


  • Use smaller designs and it may look better.
  • To make your image more solid-looking, use a brush instead of the pencil for the original drawing and move your cursor slowly.
  • The more you try, the better it will look!


  • Don't save too many pictures on your computer as it takes up a lot of storage space, but you can change the file type when saving to reduce size and quality.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows computer
  • MS Paint program

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