Create a Website Without HTML

Do you think that it's difficult to make a website, without the use of HTML? Or do you think that you can't create a website, because you don't know coding? This article gives you options to create a website, without the use of HTML!


  1. Research. You should know some basic things about having a website. This means you should learn what Hosting, Domain, and Server is. Read the articles on Wikipedia or elsewhere.
  2. Domain and Hosting Package. Buy a domain and hosting package online. This is fairly easy, but you should use your intuition to know whether to trust a site or not. Read here about buying a domain name, and here for articles about buying a web host.
  3. Plan the design of your site. Plan your website well to avoid time consuming. It's okay and even recommended to spend some hours or even days to plan the site well. Just take a piece of paper, pencil, eraser and a marker to start planing your site. Take a separate paper and write your all ideas on it. Then start planning about the site-map. Here's a good guide on how to plan your site.
  4. Start designing:
    • Using a Site-build of the hosting company. If you would have bought the domain and hosting from a good company, they would offer you a free site-building software or an online site-building platform to build your site. If you are beginner this way is very easy.
    • Using a WYSIWYG software. There are many WYSIWYG software available on the net. Dreamweaver and Web Studio 0.5 are recommended. Last mentioned have one month free trial period which is well enough to create a full website. It is very easy, but if you are having trouble, there's many tutorial on the web, just search for it.
    • Using an open source developer. Probably you would have heard about Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. Which are famous open source programs which are fully free to use. This is bit advanced but can be used for big projects.
      • First download Wordpress or Joomla and upload the files to your web server using a FTP client like Filezilla. When you log-in to your server you can see a folder call 'public_html' under this folder there should be a folder for your domain like ''. You should upload the files in that folder to start developing the site. Once you uploaded, open your browser and point it to or You have to do some settings there. if you done with that you can develop your site without a single coding.


  • The easiest way of building a website, is to use an online website builder. A good website builder can set up your website within minutes. Then, all you need to do is add content. It doesn't get much easier than this! Also, a good website builder will require no technical knowledge. You simply choose a design from a list of templates, then customize it to suit your needs.


  • You might occasionally encounter someone offering you a free website. Basically these enable you to sign up, and start building your website for free. But be careful: There are things they might not tell you when they're trying to sell you a free website. While a few companies will be completely upfront about these extra costs, others will fail to mention them ...until you've signed up:
    • Your "free" website does not have it's own domain name (i.e. If you want your own domain name, you'll have to pay for it. And you will probably pay more than you should.
    • Your "free" website may have ads displayed all over it. This enables the company (not you), to earn money from your website. To remove the ads, you will usually have to subscribe for a premium package.
    • Most of the really good features are actually part of a "premium" package - which you have to pay for.