Create an Ever Lasting Impression

Overall impression of a person is the gross of all what he/she is. This is the picture which comes immediately to our senses and our feelings towards them. It is a culmination of physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual aspects of that person. This article is on how to create an ever-lasting impression!


  1. It is true that when people first see a person, we try to get an idea about him/her at the time of acquaintance. First we would be judging him/her on the basis of his/her looks, whether he/she has similar features associated with people or things we already know, this is the natural learning process happening within ourselves. This is how people learn new things, acquire new skills or understand other people.
  2. Attractiveness at the physical level is good enough only for the first impression which could be formed when we meet the person. This is because we generally tend to have predefined notions based on the looks of people and our experiences surrounding those, whom we have come across in our lives. Our predefined notions and experiences surrounding a person is strengthened or weakened each time when we mingle with that person.
  3. A person’s physical appearance contributes very little to attractiveness. We all remember a person for his/her abilities and our experience in his/her company, other than if we want a relationship purely based on and at the physical level.
  4. However attractive a person may be in the physical level, they must have an emotional appeal
  5. -a well developed intellect
  6. -good socializing/networking skills
  7. -and also something within - which is sometimes referred to as aura or the power within or charisma – which is the astral aspect of him/her. Only then would he/she be remembered and the relationship would evolve in depth.
  8. Hence by speaking, being physically attractive holds very little stake in a continuing relationships. Tell a joke while talking if you can't keep listening to the other person and appreciate every small step. Make the person confident and then start talking or expressing your views.
  9. always being attentive to what you are saying.
  10. Good clothing sense makes good impressions.
  11. Simply reply a sweet smile to the person who is watching you is another way.
  12. To make a better impression, body language is a good way to stand out. A smile and response to the other person makes you appear friendly.
  13. Mind your manners. If you don't know, copycat is the best way. Remember, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

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