Do an Oil Change on a Freightliner DD 15 Gen 5 Engine

This will be instructions on how to change the engine oil of a DD-15 Gen 5 Diesel Engine created by Detroit Diesel. You will need the following tools: a half inch ratchet, torque wrench, 36 mm socket, and a container that can hold 11 gallons (Must fit under the oil pan of the vehicle). Parts: 11 Gallons of Mobil Delwac 1500 15w40 Diesel Engine Oil, and complete oil filter set for DD-15 Engine by Freightliner (Should include filter O-ring for Oil filter housing, O-ring for drain plug, and oil filter itself).


  1. Make sure the engine is off, parking brakes are applied, and vehicle is on flat surface.
  2. Open the hood of the vehicle, and on the left side of the top of the engine. Locate the dipstick, oil filter housing, and the oil fill neck.
  3. Pull out the dipstick, and check the current oil level. Use this to essentially see the vehicles past history, and how it was running before.
  4. Bringing alongside with you the half inch ratchet, and container. Go under the vehicle, and locate the oil pan, and drain plug.
  5. Place the container under the drain plug, and using the ratchet screw off the drain plug. Quickly move your hand after screwing it off. Let the oil pour out, and head from under the vehicle.
  6. Using the oil filter kit, and new oil. Lubricate the two new O-rings, and replace the old drain plug O-ring (smaller ring).
  7. Using the half inch ratchet and 36 mm socket attachment remove the casing off the oil filter housing. Alongside the case should come out the filter attached to it. Unattach the old oil filter by snapping it off.
  8. Apply the new oil filter and O-ring onto the casing, and apply it back onto the housing using the ratchet with the socket.
  9. Readily have the drain plug with the new O-ring, and just the ratchet no attachment on standby.
  10. Quickly into the oil fill neck pour in only 2 quarts (half gallon) of new oil, and run down under the vehicle with the drain plug, and ratchet.
  11. Once you see a little bit of new oil start to seep out quickly screw in the drain plug, and use the ratchet.
  12. Exit from under and pour the remaining 42 quarts into the fill neck. After check the oil level using the dipstick to make sure the level is within range.
  13. Continue to start the engine, and monitor the oil pressure gauge. Ensure that it is at least over 50 psi. After you can shut off the engine, and let it sit shut off for at least ten minutes. For the final inspection check the dipstick and make sure the oil level is within range.