Donate Your Old Used Car

Tired of your old car!! It’s time to donate your old used car for a good cause rather than selling it for few dollars. Donating a car to charity is one of the most thoughtful ways of helping people. You get a tax deduction worth the fair market value of your old car. Here are some few steps to consider while donating a car.


  1. Finding the Right Charity Organization: Look around for charity organizations registered under 501(c)(3) or certified to accept donation lawfully. You can do this by searching online or by visiting charity centers personally. You can even contact various car donation services for finding the right organization to donate a car.
  2. Fair Market Value of Your Car and Car Details: Once you have decided the charity organization, it’s time to find out the fair market value of your used car. For doing this you can go through the IRS guide and read publications 561 and 526. You can even contact a certified professional and get your car appraised by him. You also need to gather some basic details about car like make of the car, mileage, KMS run, VIN number, car papers and few other things which the charity may ask for.
  3. Sign the Agreement Papers: Now, it’s the time for you to sign the agreement and submit the paperwork to the charity organization you are donating your car to. Now, you need to arrange a car pick up with the organization. Make sure you remove the number plate and all your personal stuff from the car before the “car pick up” people comes.
  4. Enjoy your Tax Deduction: Once you are done with the car pick up and donation agreements, it’s time to enjoy some rewards. Ask for form 1098-C from the charity organization which you can file for tax deduction for that particular year. It always feels good when you think of your donated car in future. It’s always a fun to help others for a good cause and get their blessings. Donating your car or vehicle proves to be beneficial for all. So, think about poor people once before selling of your used cars for few dollars. Money is something people can’t just let go off, but helping for a good cause brings you lots of happiness and blessings.

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