Donate a Car to a Family Member

Is one of your family members in desperate need of a car, but too poor to buy one themselves? Do you own or know of a car that they could have? Read on for information on how exactly you should donate such a thing.


  1. Make sure the car is in working condition. You don't want to donate a shell of metal that would explode if you kicked it. Check the engine, the brakes and the tyres.
  2. Clean it up a bit. Vacuum the inside carpets and clean the windows. Make it presentable.
  3. Don't feel pressured to donate the car if you still need it. You can help out in other ways. You don't have to donate the car if you need it.
  4. Bring up the topic of donation casually. Say that you have a car and ask if they would like for you to donate it to them.
  5. You shouldn't force them into it, but follow your instincts. If you feel that they should have the car, offer to take them on a test drive.
  6. Leave the keys with them. If they don't want them, they don't have to use them. It's for peace of mind, should they need it.
  7. If you're donating a car for someone's birthday, only complete the first two steps and keep it as a surprise.


  • If the person to whom you are donating the car is not around (on holiday, in hospital), tell the people that live with/closest to them. Let them in on your scheme.


  • Make sure that the person can drive. Don't let them drive without a license, either.

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