Find Charities That Accept Car Donations

Not all charities accept car donations. If you are in the giving mood and would like to donate your car to charity in the United States, but do not know what charities will accept a car donation, follow the steps below to find the perfect one!


List of Charities

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Finding Charities That Accept Car Donations

  1. Check for car donation programs in the charities you already support. Call or email the charities you currently donate to and ask if they accept car donations.
  2. Use the internet to locate all local charities. There are many reputable websites providing searchable databases of charities. Search for and make a list of all the charities in your area. Some of the websites you may want to use in your search include:
  3. Eliminate any charities on your list that are not eligible to receive tax-deductible donations. When donating anything of value to a charity, you want to be sure that you will be able to take a tax deduction for your donation. You can check the charities on your list on the Internal Revenue Service’s (“IRS”) website using the Select Check Tool at
  4. Contact the remaining charities and ask if they accept car donations. Cross off from your list any charities that do not accept car donations.
  5. Compare the charities left on your list. Use a website, such as Guide Star or Serious Givers that provides detailed information on charities to compare the ones left on your list. Some things you want to look at include:
    • Your interests. Charities support many different causes. Choose one that supports a cause about which you are passionate [1]. For example, if you love animals and have a shelter on your list, you may want to choose it.
    • The amount of the donation that actually goes to the cause. Charities have to pay salaries and administrative costs just like any business. Look at percentage of donations that is spent on these cots compared to the amount that goes to the cause [2].
    • Reports made to the Better Business Bureau (“BBB”). Run a search for each charity on the BBB’s Charity Review page.


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