Donate a Car in the State of Ohio

When you donate a car in the state of Ohio, your car donation will allow you to claim a tax deduction through the charity’s tax classification with the IRS. Donating a car directly to charity is the best way to ensure you can claim your vehicle as a tax deduction.


  1. When you are ready to donate your car, boat or RV in the state of Ohio, the quickest way to begin is to have the title. If you do not have the title to your intended vehicle donation you can apply for a replacement title. You must apply for a replacement title prior to donating your vehicle. To obtain the necessary forms you can visit the website of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The state of Ohio does not require titles for snowmobiles.
  2. Sign line 1 in section 3 on the back of the title. If the vehicle is or was financed, the lien holder’s name should appear in the legal owner section and their release with counter signature will be required on the front of the title under the ‘lien of discharge’ section.
  3. Release liability of your donated vehicle by completing the Customer Request to Cancel Vehicle registration form. You will need to submit this form with the license plates to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles office. You also have the option to mail it to: Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Registration section, P.O. box 16521, Columbus, Ohio 43216-6521.
  4. Surrender the license plates of your vehicle donation to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles office. You may mail them to the above address or bring them a local branch.

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