Draw Full Metal Alchemist Characters

Ever watched the Anime series "Full Metal Alchemist" and said to yourself: "Man, I wish I could draw Edward Elric or Winry Rockbell!"? Well, if you love to draw or want to draw them, the following steps will surely help you.


  1. Start by drawing the shape of his head and hair. Then add a vertical and a horizontal line on the center of his face to serve as guidelines.
  2. Start drawing his eyes, nose and mouth. Also draw some lines to emphasize his hair.
  3. Draw out his mechanical right arm by drawing a closed fist and a thick blade behind it.
  4. Draw a vertical line for the body's guideline. Then draw his neck and upper body.
  5. Start sketching the left side of his shirt.
  6. Start on his left arm. Sketch the long sleeve of his trench coat.
  7. Before drawing his lower body, draw in his coat which is flowing on the right side of his body.
  8. While drawing his lower body, add in a belt and pockets on his pants.
  9. Finish drawing the lower body by sketching his boots.
  10. Draw in the scars on his chest. Before inking your drawing, do a little cleanup on your artwork first by erasing some unnecessary lines and your drawn guidelines.
  11. Ink or outline your drawing over your penciled sketch. Use different sizes of points to give some depth to your drawing. You can try a 0.1 point pen for thinner lines and a 0.3 to 0.5 point pens for thicker lines.
  12. Carefully color in your drawing and... you’re done. Follow the accompanied illustration to guide you in coloring Edward.


  • Watch Full Metal Alchemist or read the manga to get a better idea of the characters and maybe you'll even be able to draw them better!
  • Make sure you have a sharp pencil and a good eraser. Also, practice makes perfect!
  • Learn the basic structure of drawing, or even create your own. For example draw the length of the ear first, then you can fit the eyes and nose in place easier with the eyes at the top of the ear and the nose at the bottom.

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