Draw Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson is a widely recognizable cartoon character, in part because of the popularity of The Simpsons cartoon series, and also because of his comical representation of American working class stereotypes. This article will show you how to draw him, step-by-step.


Homer's Head

  1. Draw one circle. This will be the eye.
  2. Draw a small circle, about half the size of the other one.
  3. Draw a horizontally straight line from the end of the nose to the eye.
  4. Draw another circle, the same size as the eye. It must be exactly in line with it, horizontally. It must 'wrap' around the nose.
  5. Erase the parts that overlap the nose and the first eye, as the first eye should be more in the foreground.
  6. Draw a curved line that stretches from the bottom point of the nose, to about in line with the far side of the first eye.
  7. Draw another curved line from the same point as the previous one, but pointing down, in a south-east direction. Its length must be about the height of one of the eyes.
  8. Draw another curved line from the finishing point of the last one, pointing slightly down. Its length will be the same as the vertical height of the nose.
  9. Draw a small curved line, slightly smaller than the last one, that goes from the finishing point of the last one, pointing south-west.
  10. From the ending point of the line in Step 9, draw yet another curved line that points south-east, that is slightly longer than the vertical height of one of the eyes.
  11. Draw a curved line from the point of the last one, to the point of the one in Step 12.
  12. Add any expression of your choice the the mouth.
  13. Draw a circle that is about the size of the curved part of Homer's skull (see picture above). Chop off half to make it a semi-circle, but at an angle.
  14. Move the semicircle to a suitable point.
  15. Make a small lump above the second eye (see picture).
  16. Draw a straight line from the top of the lump, to the bottom of the semicircle.
  17. Draw a curved line from the other point of the skull semicircle that stretches all the way down past the mouth.
  18. Create a circle about half the size of the eye, and cut a small part off. This will be the ear.
  19. Draw the line that appears on homers ear(see picture).
  20. Add the two curved hairs at the top, and the other ones just above the ear.
  21. Add pupils to the eyes at any desired point.
  22. Fill the face and Homer's beard with appropriate colours.

Homer's Face and Body

  1. Draw 2 circles as eyes. Place two dots for the pupils in both circles.
  2. Draw the nose shaped as a sausage under the eyes.
  3. Draw a bow that is pointing to the left for the first part for the mouth.
  4. Draw another bow that is pointed to the right and is connected to the other bow.
  5. Draw Homer's head above his eyes.
  6. Draw his hair making 4 half circles.
  7. Draw Homer's neck and ear, for the ear you can simply draw a half of a small circle.
  8. Draw the collar right under his neck.
  9. Draw under the collar Homer's tummy.
  10. Draw the 2 sleeves from his shirt.
  11. Draw under his sleeve his arm with the hand.
  12. Draw the start of his pants and legs.
  13. Draw his leg and shoe under his visible arm.
  14. Draw his other leg and shoe next to the other one.


  • Try using a pencil, and then color in using paint or color pencils.
  • Draw lightly with a pencil, so that if you need to erase the pencil marks won't be there. It overall makes the drawing cleaner looking.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper

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