Draw a Power Ranger

Don't know what to draw, but you really love Power Rangers? Here are some ideas for how to draw them.


  1. Draw suits for the Power Rangers with pencil or pen - to do this, try breaking them down into block shapes. Alternatively, find some pictures of your favourite ranger and try copying those until you get used to the dimensions. If all else fails, it's forgivable to trace a picture on your first go, as long as you don't claim it to be a free-hand sketch afterwards.
  2. You could try drawing the Zord(s) and/or Mega Zord(s) - these usually are block shapes. If you can't draw the whole thing, try the facial features or eyes of the animal zord, or a wheel of the vehicle zord to show scale.
  3. Go over the outline with a black felt- or ink-pen, or with a softer pencil - this gives it a more professional quality, but be careful to stick to the lines!
  4. You can then colour this in using pencils, pens, paints, etc. Alternatively, shade it or simply leave it - it's your image, and there are no rules as to how you complete it.
  5. Contact Disney if you're interested in letting them use your drawing.


  • If it does go wrong, don't worry! You can always try again, and practise makes perfect! Would the Power Rangers give up? I don't think so; do you?
  • Be creative!
  • Show it to family and friends before sending it.


  • In all likelihood, once you pass a certain age you will be mocked if you show off pictures of Power Rangers by some people. It's easiest to ignore them, since they probably couldn't draw like you will, but because you may only be starting out, don't show your pictures to anyone you're not comfortable with seeing these, just in case they bully you.

Things You'll Need

  • pencil
  • paper
  • pen with ink
  • imagination!

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