Draw and Color with Pixia

Pixia is something close to a cross between MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop. It is a free photo-editing type of program that just about anyone can download and use.


  1. Download Pixia Like any other program, you can't use it until you download it. There are likely many places you can download them: Pixia once you get to there, just click on the big red button that says download (you can't miss it!). Then, go through all of the questions your computer asks you just like you were downloading anything else.
  2. Open Pixia If you haven't already opened it, just go into the Start toolbar, and it should say "new programs installed" in a little balloon. you will see pixia in a different color than the rest of the programs.
  3. Edit Photos with Pixia It's fairly easy, just open whatever picture you want to mess with and go ahead and mess with it!! You can't really ruin any pictures unless you tell it to save any of the changes and anything you do is easily undoable (if that's a word)by pressing Ctrl + Z. You can make someone/something have 10 eyes or only 1 eye if you want, 3 ears, etc. The possibilities are endless!!
  4. Make fun pictures with Pixia With so many available colors, brushes, Cool effects, its really easy to make a cool picture with pixia.


This part of the article will help you to use the specific tools used on Pixia.

  • Pentip This is probably the most basic concept. The button is located on the far left. The one selected in the blue square is the pen tip
  • Blur This effect name is pretty much self-explanatory. You pick the shape, as you would with a pentip and drag your cursor around the area you would like to be blurred.
  • Rub This effect, is probably the most powerful effect. You can pretty much take a few colored pixels barely even visible and make them into something completely different. This effect is able to make a picture entirely unrecognisable (if that's what you want, of course) Here are a few examples of pictures using the rubbing effect:


These are fun to play around with. If you make a picture using pixia and then use filters, it could come out looking completely different. (More interesting) Some of the filters are a little harder to explain and you just have to try them for yourself, but here is a description on a few of them. Note: The description for a few filters are not here, as they don't do a big enough effect, or it's hard to see.

  • Get to Filters Click on the View button at the top of the window. Then on the drop down list go over to Filters. You should get a little pop-up box with (what else?) a list of all the filters. Once you have your image to play with, go ahead and try them out!
  • Button Tile This just makes button-looking things on the picture. It makes the lines I made seem to disappear a little though.
  • Circle Button/Cube Button Tile This is really self explanatory. This just makes a 3-D looking circle in the middle of the page (probably to look like a button) While the Cube Button Tile does just about the same thing, only with smaller ones across the page.
  • Japanese Tile Button This is almost identical to the Cube button tile, except for that the Japanese Tile Button makes Square tiles, rather than circular tiles.
  • Stir This one is pretty cool. This makes any lines in the picture into a bunch on colorful little dots. This is going to be a little more drastic if you have more lines.
  • Mosaic This pretty much just Pixelates it.
  • Sepia This makes the entire picture a brown or orange tone.
  • Blur This is self-explanatory. See Tools/Toolbars Blur effect.
  • Sphere Mosaic This is just like the Japanese Tile Button and Cube Button Tile Effect, just a little bit darker.
  • Edge This makes it Black, white, and/or grey. It makes the edges noticeable, if that is to make sense.
  • Reverse Same as Invert Colours in MS Paint Which pretty much just switches up the colors.
  • Calendar This just makes the picture the corner of the page and a calendar appears on the page. Good for printing your own custom calendar.


  • Pixia was originated in a non-English speaking country, so the instructions or localization for English may not be correct.


  • Don't try downloading this on a school computer or a library computer. That's a great way to get yourself in a lot of trouble.