Make a Java Applet Animation With CarpStudio

Java Applets have always been capable of displaying animations on web pages, but usually not the first choice of web designers because it required you to hand code your animation in the Java programming language. But now CarpStudio offers a way to create Java Applet animations without typing a single line of code.


  1. Go to the morph solutions website and download pre-made animations for free.
  2. Launch CarpStudio from the Morph Solutions Inc. website as it will now start up CarpStudio via Java Webstart.
  3. Allow CarpStudio to run, Java will ask if you would like to run CarpStudio, you should allow CarpStudio to run.
  4. Import the downloaded animations into the animation document by using the import sequence animation tool.
  5. Move the newly imported animations to its desired position by using the arrow tool.
  6. Preview the animation by choosing Preview->Preview as Java Applet in the menu bar
  7. Export the animation as a Java Applet by choosing File->Export as Java Applet (for web) in the menu bar.


  • You can also add audio and interactivity to your animations
  • You can find interesting ways to animate with CarpStudio if you experiment a little. Go ahead explore!
  • If you need an animation that is not yet available in the Anime Gallery just make a request.


  • CarpStudio is still in testing mode thus may still be buggy.

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