Find a Lost Firefox or Internet Explorer Icon

Not having your web browser's icon can be very annoying! Here's how to get them back if they mysteriously disappear.


  1. Open "My Computer and go into the hard drive (it probably will be called "local disk" in drive C:\).
  2. Open the file called "Program Files".
  3. If you use Firefox, continue on, if you use Internet Explorer, skip to step 7.
  4. Find the folder called "Mozilla" or any folder that has anything relating to Firefox and open it.
  5. Right-click the Icon and have windows make a short-cut to the desktop.
  6. Skip to step 9.
  7. Find the folder called "Internet Explorer" and open it.
  8. Right-click the Icon and have Windows make a short-cut to the desktop.
  9. Test your new icon.


  • If everything fails for Firefox, try to re-download the program using Internet Explorer.


  • This only works with Microsoft Windows.

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