Get a Guy on Valentine's Day

You're a single girl with your eye on a cutie pie? And it's Valentine's Day and you're feeling left out? No problem! Turn it all around and use Valentine's Day to your advantage to make him take notice. You just might land yourself a date.


  1. Find the perfect Valentine's Day outfit. Avoid wearing anything corny (like big hearts or bold prints). Choose something flattering and feminine. If you like wearing pink or red, these can be great color choices for the day. Add a small heart necklace or earrings (again, nothing too corny), and you're good to go.
  2. Buy this guy a Valentine's Day gift. Don't buy anything big or expensive, or you risk having him think you're too pushy. Instead of that expensive bottle of cologne most girls go for, try a candy bar that's a little different (extra big, heart shaped, or whatever). Tie a pink bow around it with a note that says "Happy Valentine's Day! Love, *your name*". Resist the urge to write anything more, or you will come across as desperate.
  3. On the morning of Valentine's Day, get up early to work on your hair and make-up. For hair, just go with whatever suits your fancy - flirtatious curls or sleek straightness. Whatever you do, just don't let this be your bad hair day. For makeup, keep it light and natural. A neutral shadow with a conservative amount of eyeliner and some mascara is all you need. He wants to see your gorgeous eyes, not your caked-on makeup!
  4. Right before you see him, freshen up with a breath mint, a spritz of perfume, and some lip gloss. All of this will be noticed subconsciously by him.
  5. When you see him, walk right up and hand him his chocolate bar. Say "Happy Valentine's Day!" and flash him a smile.
    • If you're at work, make a beeline for his desk and corner him there with the chocolate bar. He can't move away!
  6. Be observant and watch his reaction. This part is obviously tricky as he's either going to appreciate the gesture or be made to feel uncomfortable about it. If he seems weirded out, uncomfortable, or unappreciative, don't stick around and make a fool of yourself. Walk away and get over him. But if he smiles back and is grateful, stick around and make small talk. Be sure to keep on smiling.
  7. That night, follow up with an e-mail or text: "Enjoying the candy?" The rest is in fate's hands!


  • Go light on the makeup. Guys love a girl who is confident with the way she looks. Makeup should be used to enhance your natural beauty, not to cover it all up.
  • Dont laugh so much but smile in a good way, so that he doesn't feel uncomfortable.


  • Don't pursue the guy if he rejects your gift rudely or ignores you.
  • Don't buy a ridiculously corny Valentine's Day outfit. Keep it subtle.
  • Don't be too flirtatious. The goal here is to let him know you're interested without being pushy and getting a reputation of being a flirt.
  • Don't buy a nice or expensive gift. Sticking to candy is a good idea if you're not officially together.
  • Don't talk in a weird voice when conversing with him! Many girls resurrect their ultra-high baby voices when talking to guys. This is so unattractive.
  • Don't use too much makeup! Too much makeup is a big turnoff to most guys. Equally, don't use so much perfume that you knock him out as you approach!

Things You'll Need

  • Suitable Valentine's Day outfit (the possibilities are endless; find something that matches your own personal style)
  • Candy bar + bow
  • Neutral eyeshadow + eyeliner + black mascara
  • A light perfume
  • Lip gloss (stick to your natural color and don't pick one that's too shimmery)
  • Breath mints

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