Surprise Your Sweetheart in a Small Space

It is already Valentine's Day in the next two weeks! Have you made preparations yet? Worried that your condominium space will not be enough in setting up a surprise? We have listed a few suggestions you may want to try this coming Hearts' Day!


  1. Have an Inspiration.
    • The very first thing that you should consider is having an inspiration. Of course, I know that your loved one is already an inspiration for you, but what I meant by inspiration here is looking for a great concept or gimmick for your Valentine’s Day surprise.
    • Will you go for a romantic candle-lit dinner? A sentimental gift memorabilia? A specially-made breakfast in bed?
    • At the end of the day, no matter what gimmick you will choose to do within your small space, the ultimate goal is to make him or her genuinely happy.
  2. Eye for the Best.
    • Once you have decided about the valentine’s gimmick that you are going to do, the next thing to prepare is to look for great materials in setting up your surprise.
    • If you are vying for a romantic candle-lit dinner, then go to the nearest grocery store and prepare the ingredients of your sweetheart’s favorite food. In terms of aesthetics, you can go to a department store and search for valentines-themed table decorations. Moreover, considering this gimmick requires effort in setting up the place such as putting a backdrop with balloons, pictures, fairy lights, and the like in order to heighten the ambiance of love in your space.
    • If you wish to give your loved one a sentimental gift, then you may start collecting your photographs and collate it into one explosion box. Apart from that, you may add handwritten love letters in it in order to spark that “kilig” aspect. Well, handwritten love letters denote that the recipient is really a special one. Actually, it is a thoughtful way of appreciating your partner during Valentine’s Day!
    • Lastly, if you are the kind of person who's into cooking. Then, bring out your skills and let your partner taste your love with a specially-made breakfast in bed.
    • These are just suggestions. The final decision rests on you. It is you who knows better what will make your partner smile. Eye for the best in expressing your love no matter what the cost will be. As the famous saying goes, “it is the thought that counts.”
  3. Arrange your Space
    • Part of preparing for the V-Day is making your place cozy and comfy. Start cleaning your area and freshen up your space with an air purifier or a scented candle once your loved one visits your abode. Well, “love is (literally) in the air (with your romantic scent).”
    • If there is a need to move some furniture, then do so. In this way, it will allow more space for creativity on your part. Since Valentine’s Day is one of the special occasions in celebrating love, you must make the most out of it despite the limits of your small space.
    • In the end, love should not be confined with limits!
  4. Get ready the Surprise
    • Alright, you are now prepared for the surprise!
    • Why not a call friend in helping you do the Valentines gimmick that you have planned, especially if you opt to surprise him or her with a romantic candle-lit dinner? Just like in the saying, “the more the merrier.”
    • Well, I do not recommend hiring a decoration specialist for this or even a party coordinator. Your effort is already part of the Valentine’s gift that you will be giving, so work hard for it!
  5. Tell How Much You Love Him/Her
    • Once you are done with the prep and all, then it’s time to call your loved one on February 14.
    • On February 14, it is suggested that you have to blindfold him or her as you give your surprise.
    • Once the Valentine surprise has been seen and appreciated by your partner, then do not be shy in telling how much you love him or her with a Valentines speech. The main goal for this is to use words as you target his or her heart. Subsequently, words are far remembered more than the material things that you have prepared.
    • Make the Valentine’s day as one of the best days of his or her life!
  6. Share this Precious Moment
    • Never forget this special day by sharing it in your social media accounts.
    • Be proud of your efforts and let other partners be inspired of what you did!
  7. Pass the love around!
    • Surprise your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with H-E-A-R-T-S!
    • Advance Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


  • No matter what gimmick you will be doing, spice up your Valentines Day surprise with a romantic background music.
  • Seek help from your close friends or family relatives. In this way, your partner will fully feel the love once she sees that the surprise was a collective effort from his or her loved ones.
  • Do not limit your creativity even though you only have a small space such as a condominium or an apartment. It is the thought that counts.