Plan a Valentines Day Date in Elementary School

Valentines Day is a day for romance. While not all kids in Elementary school are romantic, there are those who enjoy love. Read on to plan the perfect Valentines Day in Elementary School.


  1. Buy a gift for your sweetheart. Stuffed animals and chocolates are famous for being great gifts. Jewelry is also a classic. Flowers are another good option.
  2. Get a nice card for your date. You can buy a really cute one at the store, or you can make your own.
  3. If your date is coming over, make lunch (or dinner or breakfast, or just tea, depending on the time of day). Have your parents help you cook up something really nice, or make something yourself.
    • Check to be sure that your date doesn't have any allergies or foods they don't like. It may also be a good idea to ask them what some of their favorite meals are. You could cook one of those for your meal together.
  4. Set up some really cute decorations. Roses in a vase are great, but hanging paper hearts from the ceiling (or putting them just anywhere) is a lot cheaper.
  5. Compliment your date. Give your partner compliments on their outfit and personality.


  • Be careful. If you are worried about being teased, don't talk about your date outside of your house (especially at school).