Get the Best Price Possible for Your Car


  1. Keep it clean. Dealers know that a clean-looking and smelling car will sell faster and for a better price. You can do the same! A buyer can’t see past your fast food wrappers, water bottles and dog hair. Wash and wax the exterior. Condition leather seats and make sure your car looks its best. Even though it has been previously owned, buyers like to feel like it’s their ‘new’ car, and when it’s shiny and smells good, that makes a big impression.
  2. Keep documentations and maintenance records of your vehicle. You’ve done a lot to keep your car in shape. Hold onto copies of receipts for oil changes, tires and maintenance so you can provide the buyer with this documentation when you close the sale. They’ll know you’ve cared for the car just like they will! Also, remember to have the pink-slip and registration for your car at the ready.
  3. Price your car in the correct range. Kelley Blue Book is still the gold standard for car pricing. Look up the year and make of your car and be honest – is it on the high-end or in the middle? Pricing your car where it belongs is one of the important steps in selling it quickly.
  4. Sell smart. Now that you’ve got your car looking its best, sell it yourself. A dealer’s trade-in price is rarely as good as what you can get on the open market. Dealers have to make a profit on your car, so logically they can’t buy it from you at top price. List and sell it yourself. You’ll net more money in your pocket.
  5. Warranty it smart. Go online and purchase a 3-month, factory-style warranty from for only $295. Having this warranty can raise the value of your car amongst all the others of your make and model being sold by anyone other than a dealer. The buyer will feel secure in purchasing from you. After all, they get the peace-of-mind that comes with a warranty and the 150-mile towing benefit, and you get to have the advantage of a strong negotiating position with this valuable feature.
  6. Inspect it. If you purchase a Seller’s Edge warranty, a 40-point inspection report is already included. Yet one more reason a buyer can view your car as more valuable than others on the market. If you do not purchase a Seller’s Edge warranty, go to your mechanic and have your car inspected and have any minor repairs made. You’ll know what you’re selling and your buyer will be more confident in the purchase.
  7. Market it brilliantly on Craigslist or Utilize the power of social media and Tweet it out to all your friends. You should take photos of your car from the front, rear and both sides – plus show off the beautifully clean interior. Look at a car magazine to get ideas for the best types of shots to take. Point out the strong points of your car such as having only one owner, or having upgraded tires or rims, and if you have those maintenance records, list that as well. But be honest. If there’s a noticeable scratch, include it in the ad. Don’t waste your time showing your car to someone who will try to negotiate down your price for a scratch they didn’t know about. And, if you buy the factory-style, 3-month warranty from, they’ll even create your ad for you. They’re going over the top to help you sell your car faster and for the highest price possible.
  8. Meet your prospective buyer in a safe and neutral location. Never have them come to your home. Pick a public location such as a coffee shop or a lunch spot – someplace with good parking. It allows your buyer to check out the car leisurely, and it provides you with a higher degree of safety.
  9. Be specific and clear on payment terms. When setting up a time and place for your potential buyer to physically inspect your car, it’s also the opportune time to discuss methods of payment. Either cash, or a cashier’s check or a money order drawn on a local bank should be specified – never a personal check. Once the buyer is ready to purchase and presents the cashier’s check or money order, drive your car to the bank and together, with the buyer, go in and cash the check or deposit it into your account. It’s important to verify that it’s legitimate before allowing the buyer to drive away with your car. Check with your local DMV on the required paperwork for a transfer, including two copies of a bill of sale (usually provided free; one for you and one for the buyer) – and make sure you file any required paperwork on time as well. Have the title in hand to transfer to the buyer upon payment. Lastly, verify the buyer’s name and address by copying down information from his or her driver’s license and current registration.
  10. Celebrate! You’ve worked hard and done your utmost to get the highest price for your car! It’s time to shop for your next one, invest the proceeds, or take off for that long-awaited adventure. You have options and you now have the means.