Have a Great Halloween Party (for Adults)

Here are my ideas for pulling off a great Halloween party! You may celebrate this as Samhain, a pagan festival. There are big differences, and this is a Halloween party for FUN!


  1. Choose the mood. It should be dark and dreary. Decorate by draping black cloths over the furniture and lighting candles, don't use any real lights. If you need black cloth, just buy some old bed sheets from a thrift store and dye them black.
  2. Invite people by phone for a small party. For a big party, use invitations that are black and creepy. Use a font like chiller, or one that looks like it is dripping blood.
  3. Food is the most important aspect of any party. If you mess up everywhere else and have good food, people will enjoy themselves. Have bloody popcorn: put red food coloring mixed with butter on the popcorn. If you have punch, have it in a hollowed out pumpkin. You can get a block of dry ice and set that underneath the food table so it will look like a spooky fog is in the room. Serve deviled eggs, but with green olives stuffed with pimentos to look like eyes. Use your imagination!
  4. Serve alcoholic drinks (a mix-your-own type - have the recipes out for people to mix, or make jugs) such as Bloody Nightmares, Bloody Caesars, Bloody Marys, Black Magic, White Witch, Zombie, etc. There are lots!
  5. Have spooky music, or music by someone like Rob Zombie, who does good music for something like that.


  • If there is a certain place in your house you'd rather not have guests enter, block it off with a spooky sign and some fake cobwebs.. This will also keep the mood of the party.
  • Ask people to dress up. It is a lot more fun. This way you can also give a theme to your party, and that will also help you set the mood (if you don't want it as spooky/scary). Themes could be underworld, Victorian-era, or old west... anything, really!
  • If serving food, use paper and plastic utensils to prevent broken glass and have a garbage can in each room.


  • If people are drinking, take their car keys and call them a cab, or let them sleep over. Be a responsible host.
  • Keep drugs out of the equation. The cops might be called, and everyone at the party could get in trouble, or go to jail (which would surely ruin the party mood!) If anyone shows up with drugs, immediately take measures to keep them from spreading to the rest of the guests. If necessary, kick them out of the party. No one wants to end up in jail or the emergency room.
  • Be careful with the dry ice! It can burn you if touched for too long.

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