Make Conversation in a Meeting

Sometimes it's hard to create conversation while talking in a group. Boosting your confidence in yourself may help. Take on a friendly disposition, and don't get nervous. Try to talk smoothly, don't stutter, and speak as if having a nice chat with your best friend.  


  1. Improve your attitude. Try to be optimistic, have a smile on at all times, and take on a friendly disposition. Tame your wild emotions. Show the good feelings toward everyone you meet. When you think yourself improved in every way, practice having this manner on all the time.
  2. Boost your confidence. Use your manners. A good way to improve your confidence is to say hello to every person you see, even strangers. Wave, smile, or shake hands with the more familiar people as an addition to your greeting.
  3. Create a personal meeting for training. Invite a few family members or friends, serve tea, and you must start up conversation about a reasonable topic. It's a good start if you introduce yourself and others, and talk fluently. Remember everything about politeness, feelings, face, and words. Be strong and brave and stand out in the conversation.
  4. When it's time for the real meeting, practice extra hard and give everything a push to perfection. When you are ready, don't be shy or nervous, smile, and start talking!


  • It's best if you have a practice audience or meeting to increase your trust you place in yourself. If you don't have confidence, talking will be impossible.
  • Knowing a few experienced "talkers" may help. Ask someone with practice in real conversation for some tips and hints. They may be useful.
  • Remember your manners when having a go at conversation. Don't let your voice quaver or stammer, and remain calm.
  • Bring a friend with you to the meeting. Some people find it easier to talk with a familiar companion.


  • If someone insults you by accident or on purpose, you may lessen your smile by a millimeter, then tame your anger. Don't show your inward feelings but the good ones. Argue reasonably, and end the argument as quickly as possible by leading it to a fair conclusion.

Things You'll Need

  • Speaking skills
  • Practice
  • Confidence
  • Sunny smile
  • Tame feelings

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