Make a S'more

It is unclear who first created this treat, but the earliest s'more (some more) recipe can be found in the Girl Scouts handbook of 1927. Tradition also says that these are consumed quickly, prompting further calls for "S'more!". The traditional s'more is made with marshmallows, graham crackers and a few pieces of chocolate. Making your own at the campfire or by microwave is one of the easiest cooking skills there is.

  • Prep time: 5 minutes
  • Cook time: 5 minutes
  • Total time: 10 minutes


  • Graham crackers
  • Whole marshmallows, regular size
  • Chocolate bars, broken into pieces


Making S'mores Over a Fire

  1. Start your grill, campfire, or wood fireplace. You can make your s'mores over any sort of fire. Keep in mind, however, that the fuel you use may also influence the flavor of the marshmallow. If you are working outdoors, make sure to follow safety precautions by having water or fire extinguisher near by, and to avoid windy days.
    • If you are making a campfire, be sure to use clean, dry wood, and to properly rein in the fire with a ring of stones. Do not use accelerators.
  2. Break a graham cracker in half. You will end up with two square-shaped graham crackers. This will be enough to make one s'more. One of the halves will be for the bottom of the s'more, and the other half will be for the top.
  3. Unwrap your chocolate and break it into smaller pieces, if necessary. You will need a piece of chocolate that is just a bit smaller than your graham cracker. If you have a large piece of chocolate, then break it into smaller squares.
  4. Set the chocolate on the graham cracker. Take a piece of chocolate and set it down on one of the graham cracker squares. The other square should have nothing on it.
  5. Skewer the marshmallow and toast it. Carefully insert a clean skewer into the side of the marshmallow. Hold the marshmallow just over the flames and let it roast to your liking. Be sure to rotate the marshmallow so that it cooks evenly.
    • If you are camping and wish to use a stick, be sure to shave the tip into a fine point; this will make it easier to skewer the marshmallow and get rid of any bark.
    • If you are using a metal skewer, make sure that it has a heat-resistant handle so that you don't burn your hand.
    • You can tell if the marshmallow is done if it is golden-brown in color. You can continue roasting it, set it on fire, or remove it from the fire at this point.
  6. Transfer the marshmallow to the chocolate. Without removing the marshmallow from the skewer, place it on top of the chocolate.
  7. Place the remaining cracker on the marshmallow and chocolate. Press down on the graham cracker slightly. The hot marshmallow will melt the chocolate and help fuse everything together.
  8. Remove the skewer and serve the s'more. Wait a few seconds before serving the s'more. This gives the marshmallow some time to cool down so that it doesn't burn your mouth.

Making S'mores in an Oven

  1. Pre-heat your oven. You can make s'mores in an oven in two ways: baking and broiling. Baking will take more time, but you will be less likely to burn your marshmallow and chocolate. Broiling will take less time, but you will have to watch your marshmallow and chocolate so that they don't burn.
    • If you choose to bake your marshmallow, preheat the oven to 400°F (205°C).[1]
    • If you choose to broil your marshmallow, set the oven to "broil," and let it heat up.[2]
  2. Break your graham cracker in half. You will end up with two graham cracker squares. One will be for the top of the s'more, and the other will be for the bottom.
  3. Place the halves on a baking sheet. You will need to heat the entire s'more in the oven.
  4. Place the marshmallow and chocolate on the graham crackers. The marshmallow will go on one square, and the chocolate will go on the other square. The chocolate should be just a little bit smaller than the graham cracker. If the chocolate is too big, then break it into smaller pieces.
  5. Heat your s'more. Do not put your s'more together just yet; you will be doing that once everything has heated up. Instead, place the baking sheet into the oven. The chocolate will melt a little, and the marshmallow will get toasted.
    • If you are using an oven, heat your marshmallow for three to five minutes.[1]
    • If you are broiling your marshmallow, it may take anywhere between a few seconds to one minutes.[3]
  6. Take the baking sheet out of the oven. Once both the chocolate and marshmallow have baked to your liking, remove the baking sheet and set it down on a heat-resistant surface. Be sure to use an oven mitt or a potholder to protect your hand against being burnt.
  7. Put s'more and serve. Take the graham cracker that has the marshmallow and flip it over onto the graham cracker with the chocolate. Press down on the graham cracker gently, mushing the chocolate and marshmallow together. Remove the s'more from the baking sheet and serve.

Making S'mores in the Microwave

  1. Break a graham cracker in half. Set one of the halves on a microwave-safe dish, and set the other half aside.
    • Consider placing a paper towel on the plate beneath the graham cracker. It will absorb any moisture that forms and prevent your graham cracker from becoming soggy.
  2. Place a marshmallow on the graham cracker. Set it flat-side down, so that it does not roll off the graham cracker.
  3. Microwave it for 10 to 12 seconds. After about 10 to 12 seconds, the marshmallow will begin to poof up.[4] The marshmallow will be soft and gooey inside, but it will not be toasted or golden-brown.
    • Be sure to watch the marshmallow closely—it can get hard in a short amount of time. You may need to take the marshmallow out of your microwave in less than 10 seconds.
  4. Place a piece of chocolate on the marshmallow. Once the marshmallow is gooey and soft, take the plate out of the microwave; use a potholder if necessary. Place a piece of chocolate on top of the marshmallow. The piece of chocolate should be roughly the same size as the graham cracker.
  5. Place the remaining graham cracker on the chocolate and serve. Press the remaining graham cracker half on top of the chocolate. Wait a few seconds for the chocolate to melt, then serve.

Making S'mores With Variations

  1. Add fruit to your s'more. You can make your s'more more flavorful by adding a slice or two of fruit to it. Strawberries and bananas taste great when paired with chocolate, but you can also use other types of fruit too, such as raspberries.
    • When making a fruity s'more, add the strawberry or banana slice on the graham cracker, before the chocolate.
    • Consider using chocolate spread instead of hard chocolate. It will help "glue" the fruit to the graham cracker and prevent it from slipping out.
  2. Substitute the chocolate for gourmet chocolate. Instead of using plain old milk or dark chocolate, consider using chocolate filled with caramel, mint, or peanut butter instead. You can also use chocolate with ground nuts in it as well.
    • For a cool, wintery spin, use mint-filled chocolate instead of regular chocolate. Switch out the regular graham crackers for chocolate graham crackers.
    • For a unique, salted-caramel flavor, use caramel-filed chocolate and add a strip of fried bacon. If you do not like bacon, you can use salted-caramel chocolate instead.
  3. Consider using marshmallow or chocolate spread instead. Marshmallow and chocolate spreads come in a jar, and might be easier to spread across a graham cracker. Most chocolate spreads will also have a slight hazelnut flavor.
    • Consider using chocolate sauce instead of chocolate.
  4. Use other candy instead of chocolate. You can substitute the chocolate for other candies, such as peanut butter cups or chocolate-covered wafers. You can also add candy to your s'more.
    • If you like peanut butter, switch the regular chocolate out for a peanut butter cup. Consider adding a banana for more flavor.
    • For an extra creamy flavor, skip the chocolate and replace it with dulce de leche. Use cinnamon graham crackers instead of regular ones.
    • For a unique twist, add a strip of red or black licorice on top of the chocolate just before you set the marshmallow down.
  5. Try roasting the entire s'more. Assemble the entire s'more first, then wrap it in a lightly-oiled piece of foil. Fold over the ends of the foil packet to seal the s'more inside. Heat the s'more packet in the coals of a campfire for two to three minutes.[5] Be sure to turn the packet often, then take it out of the fire using a pair of tongs.
    • You can also heat the s'more packet over a grill. Set the temperature to 350°F (177°C).[5]


  • You can also use marshmallow and chocolate spread if you don't have access to a heating source.
  • In the United Kingdom, digestive biscuits can be used as a substitute for graham crackers.
  • Consider using square shaped marshmallows, they were created specifically for making s'mores.
  • Wait for the fire to be mostly coals for cooking the marshmallows.
  • Trick to browning vs. charring: rotate marshmallow when a slight puff of smoke rises. If you're patient, and move fast, you will have a toasted, not roasted, marshmallow.
  • If you're using a campfire and you want that gooey texture quickly, consider actually setting the marshmallow on fire, and quickly blowing it out. Remove the burnt outside and then place the gooey inside of the marshmallow onto your graham cracker.
  • If you have patience, you can hold the marshmallow further away from the flames. It will take longer for it to roast, but it will also "puff" up.
  • Use two pieces of chocolate placed on both sides of the marshmallow for an even sweeter treat.
  • Try toasting it golden, peeling off the skin and re-toast the marshmallow. The inside will be very gooey!
  • If you feel that your s'mores always fall apart whilst trying to eat them, you could substitute the chocolate for a spread. It decreases the amount inside the s'more sandwich and makes it stick more easily.
  • If you want to add extra ingredients to the chocolate, get a candy bar (ex: A Reese's cup) and put it in the s'more.
  • Place the chocolate on one of the crackers and then use the crackers to pull the marshmallow off the skewer.


  • Wait for the marshmallow to cool off before you eat it, or you may burn your tongue.
  • If the marshmallow is on fire, blow it out. Do not swing a burning marshmallow around to put the flames out. You might end up setting more things on fire.
  • Make sure you put the campfire out when finished using.
  • Never leave a fire, grill, or stove unattended.

Things You'll Need

  • Heat-resistant skewer or stick
  • Microwave-safe dish (microwave method)
  • Baking sheet (oven method)

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