Make a Small Office Look Professional

Not everyone has a huge studio for a workplace. Sometimes we have to deal with small places: make them look great and professional.


  1. Never indulge in collecting unnecessary accessories: the space in your office will become way too crowded if you do. Don’t take the whole family album into your office. Admit you don’t need pens that don’t work anymore. Don’t bring in CDs and books you never use at work. Give away the nick-knacks: no matter how much you like them, they simply don’t belong in an office. Do something about those piles of papers that cover your table and floor! For what you have to keep, use drawers: you don’t have to exhibit everything randomly around the room.
  2. Do not use post-its in your office, unless it’s your brand. They make the place look extremely unprofessional and chaotic. Go for an electronic reminder instead. They can perfectly deal with your to-dos.
  3. Go wireless. If you haven’t done that already, you must become aware this is compulsory. There’s no way to organize those bunches of cables in a decent way within such a small room.
  4. Remember that a clean, well lighted place is what you want. If you don’t have a room with a view, be generous with lighting equipment. Have the place cleaned and keep it fresh. Light colors may give some illusion of space. Match colors to show that you care.
  5. Even if it is an apartment, don’t let it look like one. Not being able to separate the place where you eat or sleep from the place you work in looks quite amateurish and messy.
  6. Choose your desk carefully. You should perhaps consider a glass desk as it doesn’t seem to take up space the way traditional wooden desks do. However, it is very important that you invest in good, adequate, ergonomic office furniture if you care for your workspace to look sleek and professional. Keep in mind that, when chosen correctly, furniture can create space.


  • Think of the scenario when you receive the visit of a client. It will help deciding where to place your office, the additional chairs for your guests, designing the entry, etc.

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