Improve Your Office Space

Your office is a place where you spend a great deal of your time. If it comes to space, there's always something you can change and improve, whichever your office location might be and irrespective of the type and goals of your work.


  1. Define what is functional in your office and what is not.
  2. From the second category, what are the objects you want there? Keep them for now.
  3. Make a list with the useless, unwanted objects in your office. Try to see why are those objects there:
    • Somebody else wants them there. Is that relevant? If so, let them be. Or you may want to find them another spot, somewhere they won't come into your way.
    • People (and yourself!) simply forgot about them. Get rid of all this stuff. (Is it already better, isn't it?)
    • They're useless at this point, but may prove appropriate some time in the future. Find a box for these objects. You don't actually need them around.
  4. Now you may want to restructure your space a bit and find a convenient balance between personal and functional items.
  5. Look at the whole picture. Is there something you can really change to make your office better (e.g. move your desk one inch to the left; take out half of your shelves, you don't really benefit from them; move your office chair closer to the window, etc)?
  6. Further, you can do whatever you find befitting as long as it doesn't affect functionality and deny personal style.



  • Make lists. Lists are great as they keep your attention focused on relevant items.
  • You want to be in the office when you think of making changes. Mapping from home or from another place is not a good idea as your perception of space is altered.


  • A plan is helpful, but beware: arranging your furniture on a plan is different from actually making the changes. This is because your office looks bigger on a plan than it actually is.

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