Not Get Caught Looking at Porn

Getting caught looking at porn can humiliating and can erode trust in any relationship. Porn comes in many formats, this article covers looking at porn on the internet and pornographic printed material. To avoid getting caught looking at porn, read the following steps and try the recommended techniques.


General Practices

  1. Have a window open and ready to switch to. You can switch to a different window that is open on your computer with a few simple keystrokes, on MACs its (COMMAND + T) and you press these two keys at the same time. Make sure that you are ready to know exactly what you will change the new window to.
    • It is recommended to use a word file with a bunch of text pasted in to make it look full . If someone catches you and wants to know why you seem so uncomfortable and jumpy about getting caught at the computer, you'll be able to tell the little white lie that they scared you!
    • It also might not hurt to close the Internet window. However, a hasty click with the mouse is usually an indication of someone looking at porn, so having the other window and a good excuse will work much better. An alternative is to press ctrl + w, which closes the current tab that's open. This looks much more natural than clicking.
    • If you're going to plan on closing the window if you get caught, make sure to disable confirmation when closing multiple tabs. Unless you’ve already disabled this setting, some browsers (ex. Firefox) prompt for confirmation if you want to close multiple tabs, spoiling the quick exit.
  2. View porn only when you know you're alone. Of course, your best option is to look at porn only when you know you're going to be alone. Whether it's everybody being out of the house or you just locking the door, making sure that there's no one in the room to catch you is your best bet.
  3. Be smart about where you hide your porn. If you're going to keep porn, either saved on the computer, in printed magazines or otherwise, you'll want to be smart about where you keep it. If you think your parents, siblings or partner aren't going to check under the mattress, you are naive.
    • For storing digital files, you can create a password protected file with a nice inconspicuous name, like paystub_scans. These can be made using basic, built-in capabilities in Windows or MAC.
  4. Set the monitor or screen so that it is not easily seen by passers-by. Laptops are the best because you can move your laptop so only you can see it and you can close the lid so nobody else can see it. Make sure there isn’t a reflective surface (such as a mirror or window) behind you.
    • For even more privacy, you can find and store porn on your mobile phone, tablet or other portable device with an Internet browser incorporated into it. If you have an iPhone, make sure to use the "Privacy" mode on safari. This mode does not remember anything you search and there will be no history saved.
  5. Face the door. Position yourself so that you can see approaching people before they can see your computer, giving you a chance to act.
  6. Use appropriate audio habits. Do not use speakers when viewing porn, for obvious reasons. Do not use noise-cancelling headphones, or in-ear headphones with rubber seals. These headphones will block out external sounds, so you won't hear others coming. For best results, use iPod-style earbuds. Also, take out one earbud so you can listen to the film with one ear and listen to your surroundings with the other. Hearing is more important than you may think.
  7. Be aware of where you put your devices. This mainly applies to mobile or portable devices, which can be kept in places that would raise suspicion. Put the device in a sensible place such as on a table or next to a charger when you have finished using it.
  8. Don't go overboard. The more porn you look at, and the more often you look at it, the more likely you are to get caught. It's basic math. Reduce the time you spend looking at porn if you really want to reduce the likelihood of getting caught. Your imagination is your greatest tool.
  9. Remember to close your windows. This is a bit of an obvious point, but don't leave the window minimised when you're away in case someone else wants to use the computer.

Browsing Securely

  1. Delete your web history. Make sure that you frequently clear your browsing history. The best method is to clear it right after you finish your session and to only clear the items for that day or the time period you spent looking at porn. Having the entire history randomly cleared will be an indicator for smart users that someone is looking at porn. You can also use a private browsing mode like google chrome's incognito mode.
  2. Delete your cookies. These cookies aren't a tasty treat; cookies let your browser track where you've been on the Internet and information you enter. Clear your cookies regularly for safety reasons or keep them from being stored at all, and at least use the same wiping protocol as discussed above.
  3. Clear your Google search history. You don't want someone accidentally coming across all of your searches for porn; that would be extremely embarrassing. Keep this from happening by clearing your Google search history as discussed above or at least every now and again.
  4. Stop searching with Google. Google has removed the option to turn off autocomplete, the feature which uses your past searches to suggest new ones (which can tip off other users to how often you search for porn and what you search for). Instead of using Google, try an alternative search engine.
    • There are other ways around this, however. You can still use Google to look for porn, assuming you disable cookies and make sure that you are not logged in while searching.

To Avoid Raising Suspicion or Tripping Filters

  1. Be sure to be careful when watching porn with people nearby. PornHub has a feature that opens up a webcam website as a new tab floating in the middle of the screen so make sure that is closed as well as the steps we talked about above.
  2. If you masturbate, do not get your juices on the computer.
  3. Use toilet paper and flush it down the toilet. You don't want your trashcan to smell suspicious, do you?


  • Save good porn to a portable thumb drive for when you are in a better position to enjoy it.
  • Wear a sweater or some loose pants in case someone asks you to do something that requires standing up.
  • If your computer goes through a router (instead of being directly wired to the modem), the URLs of the websites you access will show up in the logs. This cannot be cleared without the admin password, nor can it be circumvented by simply using a search engine (since your browser still must connect to the server to download the images). Use an anonymous proxy (Google it) to bypass this.
  • Try to look like you are doing an assignment or research for class. Open up Notepad and pretend you are taking notes for a report, etc.
  • Visit porn sites by selecting them from a search engine. This will prevent their addresses from showing up in the search history.
  • Be sure to use antivirus, antimalware, and firewall programs while looking at porn. Some porn websites may have malicious software, no matter how popular they are.
  • Try not to use Wi-Fi because the network owner can look at the network's history and you'll get caught!
  • If you want to save porn, download it to a thumb drive and use BitLocker to encrypt the drive. (Windows 7 Ultimate Only)
  • Discreetly ask what your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend thinks about porn. There is a small minority that disregards watching porn, and you may be blessed to have a person that's part of the minority.
  • If you have to leave your computer for a short while, lock it. That way no one can access your computer without the password, and they will be unable to snoop into your history.
  • Alternately, if you're using Chrome, you can browse on Incognito Mode, which will keep the site(s) you visit from showing up on your history/cache.
  • The best browser to do this in is Mozilla Firefox. You can change the settings so it does not save any history except for approximately the last seven webpages you've visited. There is also an easy macro that can delete that history (Ctrl+shift+delete). Change the settings before you try to use this though. There are many extensions that will help such as the Ghostfox extension.
  • If you press Ctrl+N this will open an incognito window so this doesn't record history.
  • If you wear glasses, remove them while watching porn so that no one can see the reflection from the screen.
  • If you're using a mobile phone or a tablet, hide it in a book and pretend you're reading.
  • The best thing is to use incognito or private browsing which can be enabled in any browser.


  • Use caution as some porn websites may contain viruses and infect the computer. The best way to lower this threat is to have a good anti-virus program installed.
  • Even if you delete your cache and files that may cause potential embarrassment, it is still possible to recover all files that have been permanently deleted. No method is foolproof... short of reformatting your hard drive and then burning it. Deleted files on your hard drive can be restored unless they've been overwritten by other files; however, this requires an advanced knowledge of technology.
  • Burying your porn folder deep within other folders may realistically speaking, not be enough. A simple search for folders with large file sizes will find them out.
  • It is common for system administrators to monitor web browsing, and it is easy to automate notifications for attempting to access inappropriate content.

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