Steal a MySpace Layout

Have you ever seen a Myspace layout that you would just kill to have? Have you tried to use a layout stealer but it wasn't good enough for you? Well here is an easy, simpler way of stealing a simple code to an entire layout; you want to know? It is using the page source.


  1. First, go to the target Myspace page. Depending on which Internet browser you use the way of viewing the page source is fairly the same. Upon arrival to the selected Myspace; right click in an empty space and click "View Source", to view the page's source.
  2. Now, a separate window should appear as soon as you clicked "View Source". What you are looking at may seem like a foreign language and extremely hard to read, unless you know the HTML code setting, but alas it is the key for you to get the layout that you want.
  3. Scroll down the page; it may be hard to read but if you get the hang of it you will soon be able to identify all the components of the large page of codes.
  4. Once you have scrolled down try to find this text: About me: . It indicates that you have reached the "About Me" section and all the codes that inhabit it.
  5. When looking for layout codes there is a 7/10 chance that the code is in the "About Me". Scroll down some more, if you don't see the code try looking again, it is very simple to find a layout code just by the "style tags". Style tags are the beginning of the layout code and consists of < and >. If there is writing telling about the person then the code is at the end.
  6. Copy the code starting where it says <style all the way to the end where it says </style>. Now close the page, or leave it up on the screen for future reference or if you lose the code, you have a back to retrieve it.
  7. Finally paste the code into your "About Me" and look at your new "stolen" layout.
  8. Give yourself a pat on the back.



  • "</>" shows the ending of a code.
  • a tip for finding certain pieces of text is to go to edit>find... and then when a small search box pops up, insert the text you want to find on the page.
  • If you want to improve your skills with stealing codes;try to take codes from more complex layouts.
  • If you don't find the code within the "About Me" don't despair, check the "Who I'd Like To Meet" section and also the "Interests" if you find something you like within the "General", "Music", "Movies", "Book" and "Heroes" tables.
  • Knowing the HTML code will help you identify codes quicker. You may wish to take a few minutes and look up some HTML basics. Not only will you be able to take Myspace layouts quicker, but you might feel good that you have learned something new and useful.


  • Don't try to steal your friend's layout because if they see you with their layout then they are going to be very upset.
  • If the author has clearly told you that you may not use their profile, then don't steal it!
  • Avoid stealing layouts that are clearly copyrighted by the author. But since it's Myspace, everything is stolen.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer and internet connection.
  • Internet browser.

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