Survive a Newspaper Delivery Round

Are you looking for a job, but not having any luck? Consider delivering newspapers for your local newspaper. Most newspapers usually need more people to deliver the paper, and depending on your route, you could earn a decent paycheck. Follow the steps below to learn how to get a job with your local newspaper.


  1. Get a job with a local newspaper.
  2. If it is a morning paper route, make sure you wake up early enough to deliver the papers in a timely fashion.
  3. Remember your route like the back of your hand. If you deliver on the wrong route, you can get in trouble.
    • If it is a free paper, they come out once a day, and they expect them to all be delivered that day.
  4. If it is cold and dark, wrap up and wear reflective clothes so you are easily visible.
  5. If a dog is barking madly, do not deliver there. Put it on the door step and walk off.


  • Make sure you get up on time
  • If you deliver when it is dark, make sure you are easily visible.
  • Don't go near unfamiliar dogs