Use the oDesk Team App

oDesk allows people to find jobs online. It's a great medium for employers to customize the type of contract and employees they want to hire. It's also great for those employees looking for part-time or freelance work that works with their personal schedule. The oDesk Team app is a tool used to connect with other members of your team working on the same job or project and to do time-tracking so that you can get paid properly.


Registering on oDesk

  1. Register to oDesk. Go to oDesk’s website [1] and register as a freelancer.
  2. Log into your account. Once you have your account set up, log into it. Use your username and password to log in.
  3. Set up your profile. For prospective clients to notice you, you must ensure you have properly set up your user profile. Highlight your strengths and skills, your work history and relevant certifications, and a basic and professional overview of yourself.
  4. Take some tests. Start taking some of the Skill Tests available on the site. Do your best on these as these will add to your credibility on oDesk.
    • Your scores and percentiles can appear on your profile.
    • Some clients do take these tests into consideration when choosing their applicants.

Downloading the oDesk Team App

  1. Download the app.
  2. Install the app. After you’ve downloaded the installer, double-click on it to install the app onto your computer.

Launching the oDesk Team App

  1. Launch the app. Just double-click on the app icon.
  2. Log into oDesk. Log in using your oDesk username and password. Once you’re logged in, you will be brought to the Team Room.
  3. Select a team. Select the team you would be working with. The list of team members would appear, and you can chat with any or all of them from here.
  4. View the tools. There are some useful tools available from the app that you can use for your jobs. Just click on the Tools menu.

Tracking Your Time

  1. Settle down. Remove the clutter in your desktop before you begin your work. Ensure you only have what’s relevant open.
  2. Start tracking time. Before you actually start work, remember to click on Start Tracking Time under the Status menu. Otherwise, your work won’t be logged, and you won’t get paid.
    • Do note that not all jobs on oDesk require time-tracking. Check your engagement type and contract if this is needed.
  3. Start working. The app will capture your whole screen via screenshots in regular intervals. These screenshots would be included in your work diary and would be visible to your clients.
    • Make sure you only do what’s relevant. You wouldn’t want a screenshot of you playing online games while you’re supposed to be working.
  4. Pause for a break. If you want to take a break and stop your current work, click on Stop beside Time Tracking. This will cut your current work log and automatically record your time, together with the relevant screenshots.
    • Simply leaving your desktop while time-tracking will not capture idle moments, and your time log would not be accurate.
  5. Continue your work. When you decide to continue working, just click on Start beside Time Tracking. Time tracking will start again, and your work diary will be properly updated.

Exiting the App

  1. Sign out. When you’re done for the day and want to leave the team room, just sign out from the Status menu.
  2. Exit to app. Click on Close under the Status menu to completely close the app.

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