Win in Halo

Quickly becoming one of the most popular console video games, Halo is here. Let's hope that your relationships aren't based on Halo skills, or we'll have a lot of work to do.


  1. Find a regular Halo game. Either buy the console and game (expensive) or find a friend to mooch off of (not expensive). Just start getting comfortable with the controls and practice.
  2. Learn the maps. Each map is different, and the best player in (for instance) Boarding Action could be horrible in Blood Gulch. Knowing where the sniper rifle or pistol are will become key once you are proficient with them.
  3. Become good at using the sniper. The sniper is by far the most dominant weapon in the game (at least, the original Halo). It can be used as a short or long range weapon, and can kill in mere seconds. It just takes a little practice and some aiming at the head. For those who play Halo PC on other servers and feel as if you are aiming right at the person but are not killing them, then here is your problem and solution. It is because your internet connection is slightly delayed. Therefore the host of the server has an advantage. In order to hit people effectively, you need to aim slightly ahead of the direction in which the enemy is walking. Based on the speed and direction that the person is walking is how far ahead of them you should aim. In order to kill hosts, you need to aim slightly farther ahead of them you would non-hosts. It takes a little while to figure out how far ahead to aim, but once you do, you will find that you play considerably better.
  4. Become good at using the sniper rifle. Many players rely heavily on the rocket launcher and the shotgun when these weapons are crude at best. If you can keep a player at long range, their super weapons lose their effectiveness.In addition, stop using rocket launchers and Scorpion tanks (also, avoid using the banshee, fuel rod gun, rocket hog, and flamethrower in the PC version). These only make you more dependent on weapons which simply require less accuracy. If you force yourself to be precise, you'll develop better skills. The rocket launcher has its place, but it can't be your bread and butter. It should be used mainly against vehicles, also, develop a sense of timing with the rocket, its round will move at a constant, predictable rate so you can time it so that it will intercept vehicles. Also, while using the Sniper Rifle, also try to develop a good "No-Scope". No-Scopes are where you are able at aim the sniper rifle at an enemy's head and kill them within short-medium range.
  5. Melee attacks can be surprisingly effective. Use in close range combat. Melees to the back of an enemy and when you're near the peak of jump can be one hit kills.
  6. Experiment.

    • Throw grenades before assaulting a room, before entering a room, before someone assaults you, or any other time during the game. In fact, before you do anything, it is mostly advisable to throw a grenade; especially right before dying.
  7. Learn to dodge warthogs if your friends tend to try to use them when nobody is in the gunner position. You can turn and dodge faster on foot than in a hog. You should learn to time grenades so that when an enemy hog is coming at you, you can throw a grenade at the ground and get out of the way. The enemies vehicle will be blown up in the process.
  8. Try to sneak up on people by crouching and finish them off by using a melee attack to the back of their head.If you play Halo online on the PC, (and you're not the host) try aiming in front of the person you're shooting when using sniper rifle or pistol. For some reason, it takes a while before the bullet is on the spot you're aiming for. Every time you hear a *beep* you hit the enemy. This takes some practice.
  9. Try sniping your enemy when he jumps, because then you can estimate where he's going to land (because you don't have much "air control" in Halo). If you want to get good at sniping always have a sniper in your hand. Then you will get good at it.
  10. Learn to strafe. Strafing helps you dodge bullets and lengthen the time before you are killed. Don't jump, as other players know how to estimate where you will land fairly well. Strafe in two directions, making sure never to repeat a pattern. Walk a fine line between strafing in too small an area and strafing too far in one direction.


  • If you have a decent computer (something with a Pentium 4 processor, or equivalent and a decent graphics card) Buy halo PC instead of the Xbox version. That way, you can play friends over the internet, and can even use your Xbox controller on your computer with this adapter.(weblink down?)
  • Halo 1 isn't available for Xbox Live, but you can play the PC game online. To play the Xbox version online, you will need Xbox connect or a similar LAN emulator. It is a good idea to practice on Xbox connect before playing your friends.

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