Buy Peas in the Pod

If you buy fresh peas in the pod, there are a few things to consider to make sure that you get the best quality, especially since fresh peas can often be quite expensive!


  1. Look for pods that are intact. Pods that are split open means that the peas are overripe and they will not taste as good and may be starchy. Overripe peas can still be used for soups and stews, however.
  2. Look for bright green pods. The best pods will have a fresh colour. Duller pods are older and have probably been sitting around for a while.
  3. Choose pea pods free of blemishes or yellow colour.[1]
  4. Keep peas in their pod until you are ready to use them. Shelling peas causes the sugar in them to quickly deteriorate.[2]
  5. Listen when you shell the peas. Fresh, good peas should "pop" or crack as they are being shelled.
  6. Avoid peas that rattle. This is an indication that they have dried out.
  7. Finished.


  • Peas should be used as soon as possible after purchase; refrigerate them if you don't plan to use them on the same day as buying them.
  • About one pound of peas in the pod makes one cup of shelled peas.

Things You'll Need

  • Quality fruit and vegetable supplier

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