Select Unbroken Eggs at the Store

Have you ever bought a dozen eggs and found four or five broken? Here is how to make sure you get all twelve (or six, or eighteen) eggs.


  1. Choose carefully. When you go to buy the eggs, carefully pick up the carton and open the top. If any are cracked, try another box.
  2. Move the eggs gently. Eggs that have been broken or cracked tend to stick to the box. Wiggle each egg to make sure it moves freely.
  3. Select another carton if any eggs fail the test or If any eggs stick.


  • Don't worry about being seen. A lot of people do this and none of them have gotten in trouble for it, unless they purposely break an egg.
  • Check the Styrofoam flap keeping the carton closed. If it appears it has been opened and closed a lot (it will wrinkle), it may mean others have rejected it or the store may be putting old eggs in a new box.
  • Often there is a "reject" carton that is left open and has several cracked or "bad" eggs in it. If you find a carton that has only one or two bad eggs, you can swap the good eggs from the reject carton for the bad eggs in your carton. This way, at the end of the day, the grocery store has one carton that is full of bad eggs that they can remove from the display.

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