Select Great Tasting Celery and Lettuce

We all know what it is like to eat celery and lettuce that is bitter, dry and just plain not good tasting. With a very simple step, you will never select poor tasting vegetables again!


  1. Look for celery and lettuce with good green color and few if any blemishes. Next you simply take your thumbnail and scrape a bit of the core of the vegetable, then smell the vegetable where you scraped off the core. If it smells sweet and like something you would want to eat, you have selected a good one. If it smells bitter, it will taste bitter. These vegetables will smell just like they taste, so don't be shy. A little “Scratch 'N Sniff” does wonders here.


  • Use the end of your thumbnail and scrape to the outside not allowing the meat of the vegetable to go underneath the nail. This prevents painful fingers, if you have to scratch and sniff a number of vegetables before you find the right one.

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