Cosplay Barbie

During her 50-plus-year run, Barbie has modeled countless fashions, been everything from an astronaut to a Nascar driver, and has represented over 40 different ethnicities. Throughout her many manifestations, she has inspired little girls and adult women alike. To be like Barbie, try the following tips.


  1. Be a role model. Though Barbie is an adult, she has inspired children for decades. You’d never see her drunk, with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, or even swearing. Limit your vices by quitting smoking or drinking if necessary. Be nice, set a bit of time aside to volunteer for a good cause, and always have a cheerful attitude and a smile.
  2. Wear makeup correctly. Barbie wears mostly eye shadow, mascara, and blush, so you might even be able to get away with a more natural look.
    • Set your face with a translucent powder.
    • Wear mascara, which is key to the Barbie look; apply fake eyelashes if you want to. Wear feminine eyeshadow colours like pink, light blue, purple, etc. Eyeliner is purely optional, though you can brighten your eyes by applying white eyeliner in your water line. Just remember to never get stuck in the black eyeliner rut. Experiment with colors; navy blue, for example, looks amazing with any skin tone.
    • Barbie has a tiny nose, so it's important to contour your nose: apply a neutral brown colour and lightly run the brush along the sides of your nose. Get rid of the hard edges with a fan brush.
    • For your lips, apply a good moisturizing lip balm, then apply a pink lipstick or lipgloss. Once you have done this, get your concealer and, using a brush, make perfectly shaped lips: outline your lips in concealer (the harder the edge, the better), accentuate the cupid's bow, and blend the concealer in.
    • Barbie also had a brand at Mac; these products are specifically in Barbie shades and colours and even come in cute packaging.
    • Even out your skin with a nice foundation. Flawless skin is a must.
    • True Barbie girls never forget blush. Make sure it's a natural color (pinks, reds, maroons); Bronzes, browns, and golds always look good on brown skin tones and make fairer skin look tan. Soft, sultry, full lips pull the look altogether.
  3. Practice good hygiene. Brush your teeth and tongue twice per day; also, take a bath/shower once a day, every day. Always wash your face.
  4. Take extra care of your hair. It always needs to stay clean and neat. Lots of body and shine are a must, but avoid letting it become greasy. If you have curls, style them; having perfectly straight blonde hair isn’t a requirement, as Barbie has had every possible kind of hairstyle (including a bald head to help de-stigmatize chemotherapy patients[1]).
  5. Keep your skin soft and silky with lotion. Barbie may be plastic, but remember that that's what makes her perfect: she has even, unblemished skin. Don't forget to apply daily.
  6. Do your nails. Use fake nails, gels, or acrylics or, if your nails are long enough, get a French manicure. For a classic Barbie look, paint your nails pink. A baby pink is a great look.
  7. Have charisma. Barbie isn't mean; she is friendly, kind, and caring. Personality is the key to success if you want to be like Barbie. Make conversation, smile, compliment others, and have confidence in yourself. Confidence can be displayed by the way you talk, walk or appear, so make sure you look approachable and have great posture as well.
  8. Work out. Barbie has been a tennis player, Olympic star, Baywatch babe, and an ice skater. She's physically fit and you can be too. Although Barbie is famous for being super skinny, this is not her most important trait: confidence is key – and a Barbie who takes care of her body will feel more confident about it.
  9. Be ambitious. There’s nothing Barbie hasn’t tried her hand at; she even ran for president in 2004.[2] Ask your boss for a raise, try to get into an Ivy League school, start your own business, and follow your dreams.
  10. Get some fashion sense. Barbie has been a fashion icon for over five decades and there’s almost nothing she hasn’t tried on at some point. Children grow up not only mixing and match her outfits, but also sewing her their own designs. Be stylish and experiment with all kinds of clothes, especially if they’re not what you’d usually wear. Look in both high- and low-fashion magazines for inspiration. Don’t forget accessories like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and belts.
  11. Be outgoing and flirty. Barbie has no fear of going out and talking to people. Develop self-esteem, get more friends, and have faith in yourself.
  12. Keep yourself occupied. Be sure you always have something to do by making plans with friends; whenever people ask you if you did anything interesting over the weekend, you should always have an exciting answer. Also, being busy with actual activities makes you less beholden to the emptiness of a life driven by fashion or other "poverties of ambition" much maligned by today's political power-brokers.
  13. Remember your values. The most important thing is to be yourself, Feel Good and happy, and not trying to be something or someone that you are not.


  • For some fun, go to for realistic accessories and clothes like Barbie's. They don't cost much and are good for a girl's closet. Also remember to change your style time to time. Barbie is a fashionista. Watch Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse on YouTube or watch movies for understanding her actions.
  • Remember the 4 F's: Fashion, friends, fun and flirting!
  • Appreciate your flaws because that's what makes you, you, and if someone doesn't appreciate that unique part of you then don't be surrounded by all that negativity because everyone is perfect in there own way. The key to beauty first starts to confidence.
  • If you’re stuck for ideas, Legally Blonde's 'Elle Woods' is great at the whole 'Barbie' Thing.
  • Remember, Barbie's signature color is pink, but that doesn't mean you have to dress completely in pink. Pastel colors are always a good choice.
  • Your clothes don't have to be expensive to become a Barbie girl, they just have to look great; this means neat, ironed, clean, well-fitted, and well-coordinated.


  • Don't think you need to look exactly like her, especially with your weight. It isn't possible to have her proportions healthily.

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