Find All Seven Orichalcum+ on Kingdom Hearts 2

Spoiler alert! Here are the locations of the only seven Orichalcum+ in Kingdom Hearts 2. Enjoy!


  1. The only known places for orichalcum+ in KH2 are:
  2. After you clear Winnie The Pooh's Cook Book.
  3. The Brink of Despair, The World That Never Was, The left corner before the bridge.
  4. After the Goddess of Fate tournament in the Olympus Coliseum. You can't unlock it until you defeat Xemnas in Memory's Skyscraper.
  5. After you clear Atlantica (an optional world).
  6. In Space Paranoids, there is a chest that has an orichalcum+, in the room before you battle the giant Sark and the MCP
  7. The chest in Sunset Terrace, Twilight Town. You have to use reaction commands to get to the train, and then jump off to the roof of the house with a small chest (not obtainable as Roxas).
  8. Have all synthesis materials in the game and the moogle in the synthesis machine will give you one orichalcum+.

Things You'll Need

  • The Ultimate Recipe (Found in the basement of Twilight Town with the pods)
  • A moogle level of at least 3
  • An Energy crystal (to half the price of the Orichalcum+)

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