Make the Ultimate Gummi Ship in Kingdom Hearts 2

Having trouble with Gummi-Routes? Do you suspect its your sub-par ship-making skills? Read on to learn some tips about making your Gummi-Ship.


  1. Choose what stats you want to base your Gummi ship on. Remember, you have only got a limited number of blocks you can use, so planning what characteristics you want your ship to have will make building go much smoother.
    • Health. This is shown by the shield on the Stats wheel. It determines how much damage you Gummi-Ship can take before it is destroyed. Increased by Material-Gummis.
    • Power. Power gives your Weapons additional strength. The higher the power, the more damage you will deal. Increased by cockpits.
    • Weapon Strength. This is the overall amount of strength that will be dealt by your collective Gummi-Weapons (not counting Power bonuses). The higher this is, the more fire-power you will unleash with each shot. Increased by weapons.
    • Mobility. This is purely how fast your Gummi-Ship will respond to the 'Spin' command (Circle button). The higher this is, the less time it will take for you to throw off enemies or dodge incoming fire. Increased by Wing-Gummis.
    • Speed. This doesn't affect how fast you move through the route, only how fast you move around the screen. This is crucial; weapons are only useful if you are actually shooting at your enemies. Increased by engines.
  2. Decide what weapons you will be equipping your ship with. Weapons are a crucial element, so choose them wisely.
    • Lasers. These lock on to enemies while you hold the fire button and then fire on all targeted enemies when you release the fire button.
    • Cannons. These are staple weapons. The Orange Fire shoot straight ahead. The Gravity set ricochet off enemies, leading to more kills per shot. The Lasers set may be a better option than the actual Lasers, as they lock-on and fire automatically.
    • Impact-Gummis. These damage enemies whenever they hit you, whether they be Catchers, Adamants or DreadShips.
    • Slash-Gummis. These fire a slashing attack whenever you press Triangle.
  3. Consider special Gummi-Blocks:
    • Cockpits. These drastically increase Power, but reduce speed. Always put a cockpit on your ship.
    • Shield-Gummis. Block lasers, they can be very useful if you can put them where they can easily block shots, although this may limit the size of your ship, unless you build backwards behind the shield.
    • Extra-Gummis.
  4. Decide if you will use your own design, or a pre-built one. Pre-designed plans are available from the Recommended Blueprints. These are rewards from Gummi-Routes.
  5. Gather your parts. There are literally hundreds of Gummi-Blocks in the game, all of them with their own effects. You'll need to gather some before you can begin. You can collect blocks even with a bad Gummi-Ship. The earlier routes (Asteroid Sweep, Stardust Sweep, etc) yield fairly high-quality Gummi-Blocks.
  6. Build your Gummi-Ship.


  • Remember to set shooting to Full-Auto during a route. This means you will be able to hold down the Fire-Button, and concentrate on what you're doing.
  • Think Ring. Make a Flat ring for a ship, bullets will go right through the hole in the center saving you from damage

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