Get Final Form in Kingdom Hearts 2

Final Form is the Last and most powerful Form that Sora can obtain. It not only has awesome moves and allows for mobile fighting and auto-attacking while gliding and jumping, but it also lowers your chance of turning into Anti-form when you are changing into the other forms. However, this is also the hardest form to get.


  1. Go to Twilight Town after it has reappeared.
  2. Follow the steps to get to The World That Never Was, and reach Memory's Skyscraper.
  3. There will be a cut scene, and if you have Final Mix a boss fight, and then it will go to normal.
  4. In Final Mix after the boss battle you will also get a new keyblade which increases your chance of going into Final Form.
  5. Go to The Colosseum and enter the Cerberus Cup
  6. Simply pull up the drive menu and hit Master Form
  7. If you do not get Final Form, simply hit start and hit retry. This restarts the tournament, and you have a full drive gauge. This eliminates any need to refill you drive gauge, and it provides you a fun environment to get your first taste of final form
  8. Be sure you've made it to the World That Never Was.
  9. Randomly access the other forms, and the final will appear.


  • Be sure to go to the save point before you revert to your Normal Form so that way you get a full Drive Gauge
  • If the Cerberus cup doesn't work then you should do the Hades paradox cup.
  • You can also enter any room where you can talk to your party members with the triangle button. From there go to any adjacent room, trigger Drive, then get back to the previous room. Every time you re-enter your Drive Gauge recharges, and you can repeat the process until you get Final Form.


  • You are also more likely to go into Anti Form in battles that take place in mission mode (Mission battles are pretty noticeable, but in case you don't know, a red border around your command menu will be a way to tell.)
  • Successfully using Final Form will automatically lower the counter by 10 points, reducing the probability GREATLY that you will enter it.
  • Anti-form is a risk of over use of the drive system, it operates by tracking a counter, hidden from the player. Usage of Drive modes increase this counter, and thus the probability that you will go into anti-form.
  • This is very dangerous and time-consuming, because you are going to change so many times, and it will increase the chance that you will turn into Anti-form. So be sure to have Drive Recovery items ready!

Things You'll Need

  • PlayStation 2
  • Kingdom Hearts II
  • A TV
  • A controller
  • A memory card
  • Gaming skills

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