Train Forms on Kingdom Hearts 2

Kingdom Hearts is a great game, but before you can enjoy it to the full, you will have to train up your forms to get the extra abilities, such as Aerial Dodge and Glide. Here are some easy tips to help you train your forms!


Each form has a different method of training, so each section covers a different form. For all of these except Master Form it is recommended that you are at least up to the final boss.

Valor Form

  1. Use weak targets. The valor form trains by hits, so for every time you land a hit on something in Valor Form you get one point of Valor Form Experience. To allow you to get an uninterrupted string of hits you should use weak enemies. The Shadows in the World That Never Was are a great and almost endless supply of free hits. Plus, they're almost everywhere in the city, so even if you do run out you'll be able to find some more.
  2. Use Combo Plus. Equip as many Combo Plus abilities as you can. This will mean you hit far more times before the combo finisher than you normally would.
  3. Choose your location. Choose a spot that is adjacent to an area with a save point. While in a form, accessing a save point and leaving the world will restore your Drive Gauge to maximum. While training, keep an eye on your Form Gauge, and when it reaches about 1 bar left, head to the nearest save point. This step is true for all forms, so keep it in mind with the other guides as well.
  4. Put the smack down! When you go into combat, beat your chosen weaklings silly. Do not stop hitting the x button until you need to return to the save point. Fighting Shadows is possibly the easiest thing to do, as it will be very hard for them to hit you. Unleash strings of combos, and very soon you'll be at all seven Form Gauges, and will have the ever handy High-Jump ability.

Wisdom Form

  1. Use weak targets. As with the Valor form, Shadows are your best option. Head to the World That Never Was to find them in an almost limitless supply. The Wisdom Form trains by defeating Heartless, one Experience point per kill. Weak heartless should be your intended quarry. Also a good place to train is Timeless River. Go back and enter the first window. Use thunder and shoot to clear out the enemies quickly. after your drive gauge gets low exit the window and go back out the door to Disney Castle and your drive gauge will be replenished. Good place to train master as well.
  2. Up your magic strength. Use keyblades that replenish increase your MP recovery and have high Magic strength. You'll only be allowed one, so if you have to choose, go with Magic Strength.
  3. Use Magic. The Wisdom form is all about magic. Using magic in the Wisdom form, although using up Gauge, is a lot more powerful. So that you can use magic more, equip items that lower the time you spend charging your MP, such as the Ultima Weapon. Try Thunder as a spell to use, as it automatically targets enemies, even if they are behind you. It also has a wide area effect in the Combo Finisher.
  4. Use it repeatedly. Forget about how much MP you've got left, just fire away. The more you use it, the more Experience you'll get, and it doesn't hurt to be quick about it. But be careful you don't waste MP, keep an eye on whether there actually are any Heartless around, or whether you've killed them all.
    • Another handy tactic that works well is to use Magnet. This will draw in enemies and damage them. Once you've got some enemies circling the magnet, start shooting at them. Or alternatively, use Thunder. Remember to keep an eye on your Form Gauge, and as soon as it runs low go to your save point. Even if it takes a while, remember that Level 7 Wisdom Form comes with Quick Run, an extremely useful maneuver in any situation.

Master Form

  1. Forget about enemies. The Master Form gets Experience from picking up Drive Orbs. This makes training easy in that every time you get Exp, you get a little longer in that form. You can conceivably go on training for much longer than any other form because of this. However, enemies are not the best way to get Drive Orbs. Explosive carts are and you can find these in the Land of Dragons. The Checkpoint is the best place to get them. To begin with you'll need to kill all the enemies in the checkpoint. Once you've done that, you're ready to start training.
  2. Prepare your form. Before you actually begin training you will need to equip all of the Negative Combo abilities available to you in Master Form. This pretty much constitutes Fenrir, an extra weapon obtained after the battle with Sephiroth. Equip this as one of your weapons and you're ready to go.
  3. Beginning. To start of with, you'll need to know the fastest route to a save point. This is through the Encampment and into the Grove where you first start the level. Once you know that by heart, stand next to one of the three carts in the area. Go Master Form, and the area damage effect will blow it up for you, saving some time. Once you've done this, collect up the orbs and run to another one. You will need to perform a full combo to destroy them from know on, so try not to miss. Once you've destroyed all of them from there switch area and run back as fast as you can, this will make the carts respawn.
  4. Persist. Although this takes time, and there are a lot of factors to juggle (Form Gauge, getting to the save point in time, etc), a bit of practice will mean that you will have Level 7 Master Form in no time. Once you do, the sweet Aerial Dodge ability will be yours.
  5. Another good shortcut to this is to use the tunnel above the village. There is a save right close by and two carts available. I went from level 3 to level 5 in one single transformation using this spot. Just clear out the baddies in the entrance to the tunnel, prepare FIRE in your quick menu, then leave the tunnel to re-pop the carts. Enter, burn, collect, exit, repeat. With the right options, this can almost self-sustain the drive bar. Plus, when you get to the drive 0 bar, run to the very close save point in the village and go to the world map and return.

Final Form

  1. Magic makes thing easier. This is an easy one to level up if you know how to use it. Once you get Riku into you party, go to the room where the doors to the Org. members places are. There your gauge will be maxed out. So basically go Final Form outside that room and go through that room to get your gauge filled up. I would recommend using magic such as Firaga, Thundaga and Reflega against the Nobodies. It makes it very easy and quick to level up Final Form. Once it gets below 1 or 0, go back to that same room and your gauge will be filled and ready to go for another go. Repeat the process from there onward. Once you are done, you will have Final Form maxed out, have Glide maxed out and you will be at a decent level (such as in the 70s or 80s) even before you fight Xemnas for the first time! So you basically get 3 bonuses from doing this.


  • Training Final Form first will give you the equip-able Form Boost ability, which is a huge advantage.
  • When training the Master Form, Follow The Wind can be chosen in place of Oathkeeper, since it draws in drive orbs.
  • When your drive limit reaches 0, go to Olympus Coliseum, enter a random tournament, then exit, your drive will be full again.
  • Use keyblades with Form Boost whenever available. The only one is Oathkeeper, so use it wisely.

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