Beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2

If you need assistance in beating Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2, move down to Step 1, below.



  1. Spend as long as possible in Space Paranoids and Pride Lands. You'll need the Elixirs found on Living Bones and Devastators.
  2. Level up all your forms. Master and Final are most important. While you only require level 3, achieving higher is always helpful.
  3. Obtain the following abilities:
    • Offense (BLUE) - All except Guard, Counterattack, and Explosion
    • Growth (GOLD) - High Jump (Valor), Quick Run (Wisdom), Aerial Dodge (Master), Glide (Final)
    • Support (GREEN) - Scan, Two Combo and Air Combo Up, Combo and Air Combo Boost, Second Chance, Once More, Leaf Bracer (for healing when under attack), Two MP Rage, Berserk Charge (optional)
    • (If you do not have all of these abilities, you have to get up in a higher level. You have to at least have over level 53.)
  4. Equip all your Elixirs and High-Potions.
  5. Equip armor and accessories, taking care to select pieces that give as much defense as possible.
  6. Put the following spells and items into your customize menu:
    • Reflect, Reflera, or Reflega
    • Cure, Cura, or Curaga
    • Elixir
    • High Potion

      For your weapon if you don't have ultima use Decisive pumpkin, if you don't have that try Oblivion or Sleeping lion.

The Battle

  1. Approach Sephiroth and press . for a short cut-scene.
  2. Use the reaction command to block Sephiroth's attack. He will use this at the beginning of battle, and further into the fight.
  3. Immediately select Limit then execute Trinity. When you are finished with the first strike press quickly to attack him again. After, you can still attack him with the button.
  4. Once the attack is over, attack and use either Upper Slash or Finishing Leap to send him in the air, then keep on with your attack, adding a couple Horizontal Slashes along the way.
  5. After you use the finishing attack, both you and Sephiroth will drop to the ground, in which he will do either one or two things.
    • He will stand his ground and attack using his sword. If he does this, jump and use Arial Dodge, then Glide away from him. When you get on the other side, land because you might need to press to guard again.
    • He will teleport and knock you up in the air. If he does this, press to use retaliating slash when he reappears, then continue with your combo by pressing until either he disappears or you finish.
  6. At anytime after knocking out about 5 bars, Sepiroth will use Heartless Angel. this attack is one that will summon a halo around your head to bring you down to one HP and no MP (With second chance or Once More) or Auto-kill you. To stop this, attack him before he starts saying "Angel". If you do not have the necessary abilities to reach him, and therefore cannot attack him, a well timed cure spell will cancel out the attack, but you will still have zero magic. On top of this, if you do not have the second chance ability, curing will make no difference as you will die before your cure spell has any effect. If you don't stop him in time, he will teleport and use either an attack you will need to block with or his regular attack. After this, Sepiroth will continue using Heartless Angel periodically.
  7. After Heartless Angel, he will become more of a threat, running instead of just standing there and gawking or walking around. He will not only use his standard attack, but he will use something called Shadow Flare, which is a big fire pillar that sucks you in. Just use Glide for it or if you have the MP, use Trinity. Often there will be dark balls that appear around you. You can either destroy them (it takes only one hit), or use Reflect on them to knock them back toward Sephiroth. The number of balls depends. Sometimes there will be only 3 other times 7 or 8. Also sometimes he will use one of his Flash attacks where you need to press . If this happens and the balls are around you press and the balls will be blocked too. Also worth mentioning is that aerial dodge can knock the balls away.
  8. When you get him down to about 4-5 bars of life, He will teleport and turn into his final form, where he is at his strongest and will use a meteor spell to try to kill you. When this happens, double-jump and use glide. Don't stop moving.
  9. The last pinch of life that Sephiroth has will only diminish via a Finishing move. It will still work if you're doing a Berserk barrage. How? You'd have to do a Horizontal Slash or an Upper Slash to "replace" the Finishing move.

Thrash Sephiroth following the drain to 1 HP / 0 MP

  1. After using "Heartless Angel", Sephiroth is actually at his most vulnerable. Quickly use the reaction command, dodge () to avoid his attack.
  2. Next, counter immediately. Use the berserk mode to hack away at a ton of his HP (you will be able to make combos infinitely), but be sure to stay grounded. Do not jump into the air, or you will become more vulnerable to his vanish-reappear move.
  3. After you've pummeled him a bit, stop your onslaught. Quickly cast curaga, elixir or hi-potion from the shortcut menu to replenish your health from 1 HP.
  4. Note that if you continue to attack Sephiroth in berserk mode for a very long time, eventually the computer will automatically warp him away so he can attack again. The second he warps away from the painful end of your keyblade, be sure to heal, or his next attack might kill you. Usually the next attack will be the dark energy balls ("Give into the darkness") which will give you an extra split moment to heal, but he might also slash at you.
  5. This method requires attentiveness to the action command and really good timing, but the results are brilliant, mostly because with a little practice, the whole sequence becomes predictable and easy to use to your advantage. Suddenly a dangerous attack will allow you to counter and freely cut down Sephiroth's HP--you can easily eliminate 2-3 of his health bars in one shot with this method.


  • If this all does not work for you, the only thing left for you to try is to simply level up and try again!
  • Trinity Limit can help you very much! It can stop Sephiroth saying Heartless Angel and it also will take very good damage into Sephiroth!
  • You don't need Ultima Weapon, but it helps a great deal.
  • Sephiroth will knock you in the air and do a really annoying midair combo on you. To avoid this, the moment he knocks you in the air, do an aerial recovery and then attack blindly. This will deflect his blow and allow you to counter with your own midair combo!
  • You don't need all your form abilities, but they help stop "Heartless Angel" and to dodge the meteor attack.
  • Having the ultima weapon is great but its nice to use explosion on does a lot of damage.
  • In the case that you can't stop heartless angel, and you block his omnicutter attack, run away and pop an elixir. If you keep attacking him, the moment your combo ends, he will slash you and kill you.
  • You can always transform into limit form which replenishes your health and mana if things get really difficult.


  • Sephiroth CAN teleport, be careful that he doesn't catch you off guard in midair
  • Watch out for his omnicutter move. It will burst your health down to about half, and leave you vulnerable for another slash.
  • Remember, the Heartless Angel dialogue is very long. He says slowly "Sin of a Heartless Angel"

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