Find Summer Jobs

Are you going too be low on cash this summer? If so, here are some ways to make a few extra bucks


Making Money for Those 12 and Under

  1. Host a lemonade stand. This usually works best for those aged 12 or under.
  2. Wash cars. Your mom, dad, or even your neighbours probably need their cars washed and they are usually willing to pay.

Making Money at Ages 13 to 15

  1. Check into newspaper or flyer delivery. This is a great way to earn money. Remember that it is a job that you can do year round.
  2. Consider babysitting. Take a babysitting course, which are reasonably priced and will give you the credentials that parents will be impressed with. It can make finding babysitting jobs easier.

Working for Teens Ages 16+

  1. Consider part-time work. Once you are 16, you can get a part-time job. You could work at McDonald's, Starbucks, clothing stores and coffee shops, all which are usually hiring at least seasonally.
  2. Talk to family or friends who own a business. If your parents or someone you know own a business you could always ask if they may be hiring and apply there.

Entering the Working World for Those 18 and Up

  1. Consider volunteering. If you are going on to college or university in the fall, volunteering can be an enjoyable way to spend your summer. The experience you gain is confidence, happiness, and that good feeling you get when helping. You could consider animal shelters and volunteering at a food bank.
  2. Check out hotels and motels. These business are always busier in the summer.


  • Be confident in what you choose to do.


  • Don't work for anyone that makes you uneasy. Also, try to make a good first impression.