Get a Job at the Age of 13

Preteen now days are always looking to get their hands on money, and I know it's hard to get a job when you're in your younger years. So I hope I can help.


  1. Look around for hiring jobs, not like super market or fast food places. Maybe just like a newspaper job, or a dishwasher for a small restaurant.
  2. If your parents know someone who owns a business, ask them for help. Or if you have a family member who works somewhere try working with them.
  3. If you're in highschool, and you're 14 or 15 you can most likely get a working permit from them. Some places go to the school to ask around if anyone needs a job, so if that happens take them up on it.
  4. It's going to be difficult getting a job if you are under 15, but it isn't impossible. Just keep asking around, someone might take you up on the offer.
  5. Don't get discouraged if someone won't hire you, age is a major factor when places are hiring, the legal age is 16 but some places, if you're lucky, will hire under. All I have to say is keep trying.


  • You might not get the job right away, and that's okay. Keep trying and be mature about it.