Find a DUI Lawyer in Pennsylvania

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, hiring a great lawyer is a crucial step in protecting your freedom and your future. In the state of Pennsylvania, there are a myriad of lawyers to choose from, but not everyone can get the job done. The tips in the article can give you the help you need to find the best DUI lawyer in Pennsylvania.


  1. Research thoroughly. In Pennsylvania, there are many lawyers to choose from, and it can be difficult to choose the best one for your case. A great lawyer will understand your case, listen to you, find opportunities to reduce or eliminate the charges against you, and will provide expert counsel.
  2. Contact your state bar association. Your state bar association keeps public records of any legal complaints that have been logged against attorneys in the state. Use this as a reference to keep clear of attorneys with complaints.
  3. Browse online reviews of attorneys. Online resources. Look at the reviews of each lawyer, and cross-check reviews across different websites. During your search, filter for lawyers with great reputations.
  4. Review each attorney’s website. Once you’ve compiled a list of what you believe to be suitable attorneys, thoroughly comb through each attorney’s website to find more information. Here’s what you’re looking for in an attorney’s website:
    • A description of the type of law they practice. If you’re facing a DUI case, a divorce attorney can do no good. You want a specialization in DUI law, and you should eliminate the lawyer from your list if he/she doesn’t have it.
    • A description of the different lawyers working for the firm. With each attorney, you should be able to find their educational background and work history.
    • Well-maintained blogs, and/or helpful information that describes their work process and overall knowledge of the firm. A well-maintained website with pertinent information shows that the firm is active and is likely prepared to handle new cases.
  5. Choose the most qualified lawyer. Many defendants make the critical mistake of hiring the first lawyer they find online. When facing a DUI charge, your freedom may very well be on the line, and you cannot afford to make that mistake. Choose the most qualified lawyer who can capably take on your case. By using the tips in this article, you can find a great DUI lawyer in Pennsylvania who can provide expert counsel to help fight your charges.