Find a Job on GAPbuster

GAPbuster is one of the leading sites in Mystery Shopping. It's web presence is notable worldwide, and provides individuals with paid opportunities as mystery shoppers. This entails shopping from globally renown brands and providing reviews of products and companies.


Log In to the Website

  1. Register to GAPbuster. Before you begin hunting for jobs on GAPbuster, you must first register. Just go the GAPbuster website; it only takes a few minutes, and it’s free.
  2. Log in to your account. Once you have your GAPbuster Shopper Code and password, log in to

Getting Certified

  1. Complete the general orientation. From the home screen, click on Orientation from the menu on the top of the screen. The general orientation section will take you to another page where you can take the interactive training on becoming a good shopping evaluator. Complete this training.
  2. Select client-specific orientations. On the lower part of the orientation page, you can find client-specific orientations. Completing these would allow you to take assignments for these clients. Select a client’s icon to take the client’s orientation.
  3. Take the client’s training modules. Once you’ve selected a client’s orientation, you’ll be taken to another page that lists all the training modules the client requires its mystery shoppers or auditors to complete and pass. Complete all the necessary training modules.
    • Be serious and truly understand the trainings as they are relevant to the work you’re about to do.
    • Most of the training modules can be downloaded in PDF format. Download these for easier offline reference.
  4. Pass the certification tests. Some clients only offer training modules, and some require you to take and pass certification tests. For those that require you to pass certification tests, do so. Most allow three takes of the same test, so better make sure you pass by the third try to be qualified for the client.

Searching for Jobs

  1. Search by filtering by location and client. Once you’re certified for certain clients, all the current jobs for them can be found by a simple search. Click on the Job Search from the menu on the top of the screen.
    • You can easily filter assignments relevant to you by narrowing down the province and city and the client.
    • You may opt to select All under Select Client if you’re open to doing assignments for several clients in the same location.
  2. Review the list of assignments. After you’ve made your selection, clicking on Search would take you to a results page that lists all assignments matching your selection criteria. Carefully review each of them, especially the location and shop dates.
    • The Payment column lists the amounts you will earn once you’ve successfully completed the respective assignments.
  3. Select your assignment. Under the Shop Date column, you will find dropdown boxes. Click on the dropdown box of an assignment you’re interested in. The dropdown box would show you the different dates that particular assignment can be done. Select the date that suits your schedule.
  4. Select more assignments. Repeat step 3 for all the assignments you want to take.
  5. Collect your assignments. Once you’re done with choosing your assignments, click on the Add to Basket button on top of the table. This will collect all the assignments you’ve chosen and put them in a virtual basket.
  6. View your basket. The assignments you’ve chosen aren’t yours to do yet. Viewing your basket will allow you to make a last-minute review before you submit your selection for approval.
    • You can still change your shop dates or remove certain assignments on this page.
  7. Submit for approval. Once you’re certain on your assignments, click on the Submit button. Your chosen assignments will be forwarded to GAPbuster personnel for review and approval.

Viewing Your Assignments

  1. Review your assignments. Click on My Assignments from the menu on the top of the screen. You will be taken to a page that lists all your assignments.
    • You may opt to view all your assignments, or just those that were approved, rejected/cancelled, or pending.
  2. Know your assignments. Assignments you’ve chosen from part 3 that haven’t been approved or rejected are marked Pending.
    • Once these have been reviewed and approved, they will be set to Approved under the status column.
    • Those that were rejected or cancelled for some reason will have their status set to Rejected/Cancelled.
  3. Make changes to your assignments. From this page, you can still make some changes to your assignments. You can reschedule or cancel them. However, be careful and limit your changes to those really necessary ones.
    • GAPbuster tracks your changes and reasons here.

Completing Your Assignments

  1. Gather your paperwork. Three days prior to your shop date, you are allowed to view and download your paperwork. The paperwork contains detailed instructions as to what you’re supposed to do during your shop date.
    • Download, print, and review your paperwork. This can be done from the WebExpress menu with your assignment numbers.
  2. Do the assignments. On your shop date, go to the assigned stores and follow the instructions on your paperwork to complete the assignments.
    • Some assignments require you to have the store manager or supervisor sign a confirmation sheet.
    • Some require you to take photos of the store.
    • Be sure to strictly follow the instructions.
  3. Submit your results. On the same day as your assignment, access WebExpress on the menu on the top of the screen. Input your assignment number, and submit all your results.
    • Be thorough and make sure everything’s complete, including photos when necessary.
  4. Wait to get paid. As long as you did what’s asked on the paperwork and submitted everything complete and on time, all you have to do now is wait to get paid.
    • The more assignments you complete, the more you will receive.