Get a Temporary Job Over 50

Finding a job can be unpleasant for people of all ages, but the job hunting process may seem even more overwhelming to people over 50. You may feel like you are much older than other applicants, or feel too old to compete. However, that is simply not true. Due to the aging baby boomer population, people over 50 constitute well over a fifth of the workforce, many of whom are working beyond retirement.


  1. Keep in mind the reason you are looking for a temporary job. Are you doing it for:
    • Money
    • New skills
    • Social networking
    • Fun
  2. Think outside the box.
    • Don't limit yourself to the type of work you have always done.
    • Consider taking a job doing something that you always thought you might like to do.
    • Temporary jobs are a great way to try out new types of work without making long-term commitments.
  3. Freshen your skills.
    • Take classes to learn new skills that your new job would require or take refresher classes if you haven't used a skill set in a while.
    • Get current with technology if you have fallen behind. Know how to use basic computer software programs, as well as field-specific technology.
  4. Shorten your resume.
    • Take the emphasis off of your age by removing some of the dates from your resume. Most job applicants over the age of 40 do not include their graduation dates on their resumes.
    • Remove old employment history that is not relevant to the type of job you are trying to get.
  5. Look beyond the classified ads.
    • Check online job posting sites as well as industry-related sites and forums for job listings.
    • Network among the business relations you built over your years of employment to get the word out that you are looking for a temporary job.
    • Apply at companies you would like to work at even if they aren't currently advertising position openings. There could be something open that hasn't been advertised, or they may hold your resume for when a position does open.
  6. Dress appropriately when going for an interview. Do not dress to look young, but dress to look good. Looking good will also increase your confidence.
  7. Emphasis your transferable skills acquired from previous jobs, even if you are looking for a job in an area you have never worked before. Think about your skills and how they would transfer to benefit your new employer.
  8. Be energetic, enthusiastic and positive.
  9. Apply at a temp agency, as they are privy to a steady supply of temporary job openings. Although many agencies have primarily office work, some agencies branch out into other fields.
  10. Persevere and do not get discouraged. Even in a tight job market, temporary jobs are always available.