Apply for a Job via Careerbuilder

CareerBuilder is a job portal that can be helpful for potential employees and employers.


  1. Create a CareerBuilder account. This will allow you to access a wide band of jobs from all the sectors and for professionals with or without experience. You can apply for jobs that suit your qualifications and save them too in case you want to apply for them as well.
  2. Upload your resume. Once you open the CareerBuilder homepage, on the left side you will find a field where you can upload your resume and enter your email id. Once you have successfully uploaded the resume you will be directed to the Sign-Up Page.
  3. Confirm your email ID. Once you have uploaded your resume. CareerBuilder will send you an email to confirm your email address. The email sent, will also contain your one-time login password. Press the login button on the email, which will direct you to the website. Once you are on the website, now you will need to change your password.
  4. Complete your profile. Once you have changed your password, now you will need to complete the your profile by filling in the required details. You can see the profile completeness, which scores your profile on the basis of the details filled in by you. The benchmarks for the scoring are also given below the profile meter which will help you to know what details have you missed out on. Once you have filled the essential information, at the bottom of the page you'll find a job recommendations tab.
  5. Search for jobs. Once you have completed your profile with all the information regarding your educational qualifications, work experience and personal information.
    • Press the “Find A job” tab on the top which will redirect you to the job results page. On the top of this page you will find a search bar, where you can enter the desired job type along with the preferred location. Once you enter the keyword, a list of job openings will appear, which you can filter on the basis of company, city, area/state and category.
  6. Apply for jobs. Once you are on the results page, you may click on the tile of the job and read the description. On the right side of this page you will find ”Apply” tab click on it.
    • It will lead you to another page where you would require to fill in your first name, last name, e-mail address and select your CV. In case you want to upload another CV, you can do that using the upload button or you can also enter your CV on the copy/paste tab. Pressing Submit will successfully send your CV to the employer for further processing of your application.
  7. Confirm your submission. Once you press the Submit button, you will get a confirmation of your submission on your e-mail and also on the Job Recommendations and Quick Apply page, which you will reach after you press the Submit button. Here on this page you can find other listings too on the basis of your profile. Go through the list of recommended jobs and follow the same drill for applying.


  • CareerBuilder has some exclusive features like Number of Applications which help you know how many candidates have applied for an opening, pressing the View Competition button will show you the info-graphics with the statistics based on the number of applications on a particular opening.
  • You also have another option of applying for multiple jobs, you can “ save jobs” for which you might want to apply later.

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