Search Global Jobs From Your Mobile Phone

Your search for global jobs can be conducted from the comfort of your mobile phone. There is a variety of mobile phone apps available for download that you can use during your job hunting for a new position. Many of the apps are compatible with multiple types and brands of mobile phones. The basic prerequisite to accessing and downloading the mobile phone apps is to have Internet service included in your mobile phone plan. The benefits of using apps during your search for a global job include the capability of having job postings sent directly to your mobile phone in addition to being able to email your resume to potential employers. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to search global jobs from your mobile phone.


  1. Browse the Internet to explore the many mobile phone apps that are available for you to download to your mobile phone. Many apps are free whereas others may charge a small fee. Make sure that you carefully read the terms and conditions fine print before you download apps to your mobile phone.
  2. Read the overview for each mobile phone app to make sure that it is compatible with your particular type of mobile phone. A feature that you want your app to have is the ability to synchronize information so that you can share it with your computer. This is important so that you are able to download your resume from your computer onto your mobile phone and are able to have access to a record of your job search.
  3. Explore the many features offered by mobile phone apps. You can target specific types of jobs, focus on particular industries as well as have openings listed by region and location during your search for global jobs.
  4. Download mobile phone apps that provide you with the option of searching for global jobs based on company, title or keyword. You can register on the app's website to have job listings sent directly to your mobile phone.
  5. Browse through the offerings of some of the major job boards using your mobile phone. Some of the well known sites will let you upload your resume in addition to being able to complete job applications online.
  6. Realize that some companies have a job search tool known as opt-in text message job service. For those companies that offer the service, you can sign-up to receive text message alerts when jobs become available and have them emailed to your mobile phone.
  7. Enhance your search for global jobs when using your mobile phone by including important contact information in your mobile phone's address book. Keep track of companies that you have emailed resumes to and a list of job contacts.
  8. Synchronize your job search when using your mobile phone by keeping a schedule of job search related tasks entered into a calendar. You will be able to quickly and easily access information about upcoming job interviews by setting reminders on your mobile phone.
  9. Organize your search for global jobs by creating a to-do-list on your mobile phone. Prioritize your tasks so that you do not miss an important deadline, such as attending a job seminar or conference.
  10. Record a professional outgoing message on your mobile phone's voicemail. Avoid using a message that is too personal or family oriented as you want to maintain a business-like tone for potential employers that may contact you.
  11. Check your email on a regular basis as well as your voicemail on your mobile phone. Scan for job postings that you arranged to have sent to you in addition to messages from potential employers.