Get a Fun Summer Job

Getting a summer job can be really rewarding and fun! Being creative and thinking of an awesome job is the first step to having a fulfilling summer.


  1. Look for a good job. You don't want to be working in a factory during your break, do you? There are lots of jobs that need to be filled over the summer, such as: tanning salons, ice cream parlors, restaurants, amusement parks, and kids' summer camps. All of these choices are excellent for part time work and look great on your resume.
  2. Create a good resume. Summer employers know you are not going to be there for the long haul and won't put too much emphasis on work experience. You should, however, have a complete list of prior experiences that could relate to the position you are applying for; the more you list, the more appealing you become!
  3. Dress nice. Just because you are applying for a short term position doesn't mean you need to look like a beach-bound student. The snappier you dress, speak, and carry yourself, the more impressed your employer will be.
  4. Introduce yourself as "I'm <your name>, I go to <school's name> and I major in <your major>. I am looking for summer employment." Your future employer may be happy to assist a student who is trying to be involved with something worthwhile over their summer break.
  5. Make sure everyone involved in the interview process is clear about the dates you wish to be employed; there's nothing like getting a bad recommendation because you bailed ahead of schedule.


  • Always ask when you can call back when you hand in the application.


  • Be sure to tell anyone that you list as a reference on your resume. Most places will contact them.
  • Remember that during school breaks and summer vacations, there is going to be major competition for those jobs. Get out there the first opportunity you have to apply.

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