Get the Most Out of Your Pickup Truck Bed

The truck bed is an integral part of a pickup truck. It can carry different types of cargo or even serve as a sleeping area when camping. Its usefulness can even maximized with the help of different accessories.


  1. Install a protective cover on the truck bed. You might consider a tonneau cover or camper shell.
    • A tonneau cover serves as a protective cover that secures a cargo from theft and at the same time shields the truck bed from harsh elements such as water, dust and snow. These covers are available in two types: the hard and soft tonneau covers. They are also available in different styles such as the hinge type, folding, tri-folding, roll-up and retractable tonneau cover. They are typically made of aluminum, fiberglass and ABS plastic material.
    • A camper shell, also known as a bed cap, is mounted on top of the truck bed. It serves as a secure storage for different types of cargo and can also be used as a shelter for camping. They are mostly made out of aluminum and fiberglass.
  2. Place a bed rack on the truck. This functional truck upgrade enables your vehicle to securely transport heavy cargo and different types of sport equipments such as bikes, kayaks, surfboards, even motorcycles.
  3. Add rails on the truck bed. Bed rails add style to your truck. Cargo can be safely tied or strapped on its aluminum bars.
  4. Use cargo nets to secure objects on the truck bed. It prevents cargo from flying out from trucks that are devoid of tonneau covers or bed caps.
  5. Make use of bed extenders. This accessory as the name suggests, extends the truck bed and is used to haul long cargo.
  6. Add slides to the truck bed. Bed slides functions like a drawer, allowing convenient loading and unloading of cargo.
  7. Mount beds steps on the truck bed. It allows truck owners to easily climb up and down the bed, especially those that are outfitted with lift kits


  • Only install what you need. Always consider the function of a particular bed accessory.
  • Making use of cargo nets may not be necessary if you do not carry cargo regularly.
  • Order your bed accessories only through reputable stores to make sure that they are of good quality.