Shop for a Used Truck

There are as many benefits to owning a truck as there are daily text messages sent by the average teenager. Trucks can carry large loads, they are generally long-lasting, and they can drive off-road. But buying a brand new truck can be extremely expensive. So many people look to buy from used car dealerships in order to save money. And used trucks are often just as reliable as new ones. But just because you want to be frugal doesn't mean you should overlook important aspects of your future vehicle.


  1. Consider what you will be using this truck for. Maybe you want something less pristine for hauling trash. Or perhaps you would like to have a nice truck for daily use.
  2. Make a list and identify your wants and needs. How important to you is fuel mileage? Is four-wheel drive a priority for driving on snowy days? How many passenger seats do you need? Do you prefer driving automatic or manual cars? And, perhaps most importantly, consider your price range.
  3. Personally make sure that all of the vehicle’s systems are working correctly. Check underneath the truck and look for leaks or damage. Make sure that surface rust (if there is any) has not made the metal weak and brittle. You’ll want to check the car’s brakes, U-joints, and steering components as well as the drive shaft. If you don’t know what these car parts are, you can always pay someone to inspect the used car for you.
  4. Ask the previous owner what the truck was used for. If it was primarily used for hauling or as a teenager’s first vehicle, it may have more wear and tear on it than you would like. Another important factor in buying your used truck is the number of current miles the vehicle has. You should also ask how the mileage was accumulated — freeway miles are much easier on a truck than those accumulated from stop-and-go traffic. Find out if the truck has been in any accidents and what repairs have been done on it. Many of the truck’s repairs and accidents should appear in a detailed vehicle history report.