Drive a Truck Uphill (Loaded and Unloaded)

Here I explain how to drive a truck/pickup up a hill with or without load, which is easy to do and practice. This on manual transmission (stick shift).


Gaining speed is most important.

    • Gain speed if you see that the up hill is near and if it is really steep.
    • Keep your foot on the gas pedal to make sure that you'll make it up the hill.
    • Depending on the gear you are using, if the RPMs are going down shift down gears (exmp: from 5th gear down to 4th gear). This will give the engine more horsepower and help it to be able to make it up the hill.
    • If the truck or pickup is loaded then the shifting of the gears will have to be done a lot sooner than if it was not loaded.
  1. Step 1: when in 5th gear, gain as much speed as possible.

Step 2: If RPMs are getting low, shift down quick, lift your foot off the gas, press in the clutch shift down in to 4th or the gear which you prefer, depress the clutch and at the same time add the gas as need.


  • Speed is important, as is having control over the vehicle.
  • Changing gears must be done as swiftly as possible.


  • If done wrong the gears will grind and the transmission might be damaged.
  • Be sure when gaining speed there are no cars in front.
  • Gaining speed should be done when the hill is straight, never on a curve.